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Help From Main Growers

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by Iceman2494, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. ive toped a week ago and seeing if I should lst main stem now . I’m 3 weeks in .
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  2. I'm no main grower, but what's your plan with LST? My experience, yes they're old enough and they look healthy. Go for it. Others may have other opinions. I'd anchor the main by the base and start bending the opposite way. You have any past experience training a plant?
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  3. Years ago . I just bent skunk from main stem . Never topped before and lst .
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  4. Or you could spread the two new shoots on top. That will require a little more time for them to grow out. Take the top two out horizontal and allow the lower two shoots to go vertical to same height. Remove the top biggest fan leaves to allow more light to the lowest set of shoots. Four main tops.
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  5. Have you tried this ? . Would it cause stress and slow growth for recovery ?
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  6. Very uniform growth there. Good specimen. All depends on how much time your willing to invest in training during veg. My opinion, the second suggestion. Remove the large top set of fans. Let the two top shoots grow a little and begin bending those outward and horizontal. Allow the lower two to catch up and grow more equally with the tops. Just my opinion.
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  7. I have to sprouts that I need to catch up . I don’t want to cause stress and even slower developing of the plant .
  8. Topping generally will slow her down slightly. You're already on the rebound from that. Now some gentle bending and anchoring. How patient are you? Top each shoot again and continue training, increasing tops. More veg and rebound, but...slight better yield.
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  9. I want this bitch to be a bush to maximize for more colas less lower bud sites for popcorn .
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  10. Then again I’m in a 2x4
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  11. Let's consider a few things. You understand the multiple cola thing. What's your set up? Light source? Tent? Good ventilation, temps, etc?
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  12. 2*4 is great. Just the one plant?
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  13. In 707 organic roots soil . Have 2 led lights not the best but going to throw a qb 288 in the mix . My temp is usually at 77f 81 at the max but cooled down after hurricane. . Humidity is ro of 40 . I know it’s low . Going to toss a humidifier and another fan in . Room height is 6 ft. This is a super lemon haze seed . Other two are wite widow and cookes both tiny seedlings
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  14. Using General Organics nutes
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  15. Moved the “600” watt blurp to even as the “cob”
  16. Flowering in same tent? I've used cheaper LED for veg for awhile. Works fine. Upgrade to those boards will be good move. If you can upgrade before flipping you can separate your veg from your tent and train the other two as they grow. Introduce them into the flower tent when satisfied with your training.
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  17. Files
  18. First grow under led? No experience with cob. I can't say much about those, but hear good things about quality models. The same with the Qboards. I flower under hps. Pretty reliable.
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  19. Fake cob. Has done a good job so far
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  20. Well, back to the LST...I can't tell you what to do other than make a few suggestions. I would clip the top set of fans and let her stretch those shoot a little. Be patient and work on getting that other source of lighting. If you're gonna continue growing, you'll definitely want a separate veg tent and flower tent.
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