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Help Outdoor And A Foot Of Rain!!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Dachem, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. So I have three ghost of leeroy two strawberry banana Reserva Prada four gorilla bubble bx1 F1 after a foot of rain I pulled the branches i could out of the foot of mud and kinda staked them anything else i can do or just hope for some branches to survive. 20180829_094200.jpg 10491.jpeg 10494.jpeg 10495.jpeg
  2. Good luck dude I don't know if you'll be able to get her to come back
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  3. Madbud


    Probably how supercropping was discovered. Prop em up off the soil and they’ll come back
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  4. I I got some of it out of the mud but a lot of it I tried to pull out and the branches would just snap
  5. Before 20180819_191138.jpg
  6. Madbud


    Tried wetting the sand?
  7. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Stake em up and wrap some duct tape around where they were bent over. If you're lucky they'll just form a strong joint / knuckle and keep on going. Sorry to hear about the bad luck, that sucks.
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  8. i think the only way you can save them is dig um up and replant in buckets
  9. Ducks cuz thsy already started flowering like 2-3 weeks in
  10. 20180829_094104.jpg
    I'm just SO butt hurt spent all that money on seeds to get nothing now I wish I could get my hands on some elite clones! That's not genna happen
  11. Take your cuttings ( if you haven’t already and try it next time if you lose ay phenos in this process ) and dig them out and give em a trellis support and any branch broken, try to tape it. It’s crazy how sturdy how cannabis it is.

    If the dirt around it is pure sand or clay muck , bring some non sand to it by buckets/wheel barrel and top feed or uppot it it in. There’s gotta be a way and those genetics are worth trying to save em/trying ( if it was me)

    Sorry for the hard times!
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  12. The only to survive out of Scott's og ghost of leeroy, strawberry banana, Leah's og and gorilla bubble....
    My female gorilla bubble BX1F1 by tony greens tortured beans a lil beat up but after these pic I defolated ams steaked. 20180914_202534.jpg 20180914_202519.jpg 20180914_202516.jpg
  13. Might wanna pick a spot with better drainage/ soil
  14. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    You could have taken cuts from all plants before staking the survivors up to see if you could revive them. Then at least you might get some cuts to root and start over indoors somewhere. You probably wont have enough time to revive and bring to a successful harvest as your outdoors and running out of time. Well depending what latitude your growing in.
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  15. It was good draining soil untill the creek rose 20 feet dams broke left about a foot of mud and sand everywhere
  16. I only have one tent indoors and I have cookie kush and Elmer's glue flowering so it wasn't available to save cuts I wished I could have 20180911_163926.jpg 20180911_155610.jpg
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  17. 20180915_125328.jpg
    20180915_125344.jpg 20180915_125319.jpg
    But I am super happy with this Elmer's glue just frosty af with a long time to go cant wait
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  18. Anyone know if this frost on the stem is normal this is my first indoor grow I know it's a good thing lol but is this considered more then average? 20180915_125344.jpg