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Help.. plants are budding outside already and they are NOT autos..

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by KING_KONG_KOLAS, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I put some big 4ft tall moms outside 1st week of may.. I was hoping they would not start flowering.. well I went to check them yesterday and them bitches are like 6ft. and look to be 3-4 wks into the flower.. They are not autoflowering genetics.. I believe there were still 12 hrs of darkness outside when they went out.. Thats all I can think of for reasons to bud early..

    My question is will they continue to bud and finish up early or will return to veg over the next few months and start back flowering around normal time august?
  2. Here are some pic..
  3. they might reg veg now that theres alot more light during the day.. only time will tell bro..
  4. I figure they dont have no choice but to grow between now and then.. question is will they continue in flowering mode or reveg? Time will tell for sure.. Has ne one else made this mistake and have insight on their situation?
  5. Anytime you put a plant outside that was on 18-24hr cycle,which i assume your mom was?It will pretty much always go straight into flowering,in my experience.Don't look like them girls are gonna turn back
  6. i had one a couple yrs ago that did that and it re vegge'd but i've had plants that didnt..
  7. When you say "Don't look like them girls are gonna turn back." Do you mean they will continue on flowering and finish early? or continue on in a kinda standstill?
  8. Gro


    they will come back but u lost 2 weeks going into and will lose another 2 coming out of it.put some supplemental lighting,either before or after sun-up, may bring them out faster.
  9. the Rock

    the Rock Guest

    what strains this happens to me on about 10% of my plants= i just move them instde to flower room and they finish fast
  10. its because you arent hardening them off., you need to do a better transition from inside to outside. This only happens to plants that were moved. You dont know it could be any one thing stressing them out. If the plant is strong enough it will reveg but if it is not then it will keep flowering till it dies.
  11. the losing 4 wks part im ok with since these girls are so big I dont think it wil effect yeild too too much.. If I can get away with just 4wks stunt and these girls start back vegging for the next month and half to 2 months.. I will be greatfull to say the least.. hate to see them finish on flowering at this size.. for I need over weight girls.. not them skinny
  12. Tobor the 8th Man

    Tobor the 8th Man Moderator Supporter

    Hey King Kong May 1st is right at the 14 hrs light and 10 hours dark. This could go many different ways. Every strain probably has different ways they react. There is probably some type of common denominator that many have but there are some swings.

    I remember on ReeferMan's site he had a thread where he was doing outside stuff. It might have also been mentioned in a pot magazine ReeferMan article I read. ReeferMan said that the strains he was showing, that when they started to flower and got to a certain point they wouldn't stop and would finish. I have never had one keep going full on flowering. I did have one a strain called Concussion that triggered and looked just like your do now. Kinda thick, obviously flowering but only 4 feet tall. It stayed like that and got maybe 4.5 feet up until August. Then it jumped into flowering and by the end of August it had football size colas and looked like an October plant. It ended up finishing in mid September. It normally went to late October.

    Whenever I try a spring grow and put something out mid to late March by the time late April rolls around you can see the buds getting funny and reveg is starting. When I don't want them to reveg they always do.

    Plants in the ground that I have had this happen mostly reveg and do fine. But the ones that do didn't get as thick as yours. The ones like yours kinda half and halved all summer but ended up finishing at the normal time. They were thicker buds but not as big of plants as their clone sisters.

    I think yours is going to be like that concussion plant I had. Finish early after a stall. But like you said it is already 6 feet tall. It had it's stretch and I doubt it will stretch again come fall but it might.

    If you plant after May 15-20 this rarely happens unless they came from inside 24 hour light. I veg all my outdoor plants inside under 16-8 lighting. There isn't a shock when they go out into 14-10 light.

    Welcome to your experiment!
  13. FileError404

    FileError404 Guest

    Solstice is only 2 weeks away and the days will get shorter again. They might just keep on flowering, and will finish just a little early. This is where luck comes in: Have it! :D

    They look great, please update when you see some changes.
  14. Blaze


    I've seen it go either way. Sometimes they go back into veg and keep growing. Sometimes the finish off budding. Sometimes they get stuck in this weird in-between stage and don't do jack. Only time will tell.

    Next year be sure to synch your light cycle before moving them outside. You really need to adjust/reduce the amount of light they are getting indoors slowly, until it matches up with the natural light cycle outdoors.
  15. I had the same problems kingkong. Except I put all of my mother outs. Some strains will flower and some wont. I can say so far all of my stuff has revegged except the Green Crack and the Chiskei. These both happen to be 55 day strains, if that says anything. The others just reveged while these two are still budding. I put mine out in early may - late april.

  16. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    My money is on them stalling out. Solstice is on the 16th (and I think I called it the equinox somewhere else, fuck) or thereabouts, so in the northern hemisphere we're still experiencing increasing photoperiod. Gotta match the photoperiod to when you're going to put cuts outside.

    Daylight Hours Explorer

    Because of the increasing photoperiod it's likely they'll become hormonally confused, start throwing out single and triple-lobed leaves, flowering will stall until August or thereabouts is my guess.

    That's not what is happening. The plants respond to photoperiod via hormonal signals, and it is those hormonal signals that they're responding to. Not going from inside to outside per se, because if photoperiod had been matched the problem wouldn't exist as it does.

    Make sense?
  17. All this makes alot of sense.. Thanks for the input guys.. I really appreciate it!!
  18. you are most likely rite but plants can shock from going in to out by other things like temp and humidity. they freak out and want to reproduce asap, but you know what you are talking about, just clarifing my statement.,
  19. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    some plants will reveg but its usually the longer flowering strains that do. my boy put outa bunch of plants last year on the 10th of may from 24 hours and they all started to bloom, except the SSH. the orange crush did not revert, but his strawberry diesel did. some grew kinda normal and some didn't. they ones that didn't grow normal the yield was greatly reduced. tiny hard little buds.

    you can put out seed plants earlier then you can clones.
  20. So basically we got 3 things that can happen...
    1.. the plant keeps right along flowering and finishes early..
    2.. the plant stalls at a stand still confused.. only to start back flowering around normal time mid august.
    3.. the plant revegs and does not flower again till mid august..

    Numbers 1 & 3 Im ok with.. Number 2 sucks.. O well lesson learned..
    Thanks for the info fellas!!