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help wanted for 8k-10k Grow Op Setup (details listed)

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by vangs, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. vangs


    Hello guys, Im looking to set up a new grow room. i am looking to invest whatever money i need to make the room top of the line where i wont have any issues at all.. i am going to be running 2 flower rooms, 1 veg room and 1 mother-cloning room. each flower room will have either 4k or 5k watts. What i need help with is setting up a cooling system for both flower rooms. Both rooms will be sealed rooms, and i will be using Adjust A Wings.

    1. what kind of cooling system will i need for each flowering room? something that will keep the rooms cool without using full power. what are my options? water-cooling,mini splits, reg A-C ?
  2. If your budget is 10kW of total lighting, that's a decent design. If it's 10kW burning at any given time, that's a whole new ballgame- and it's the one I'm playing. I have complete details on exactly how- and crucially, why- I can build you a system to run... or, sell you one. PM me.
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  3. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    1 ton of a/c for every 3-4k of lights for non air cooled hoods....1ton per 6-8k with sealed loop air cooled splits or a 5 ton unit ducted into your entire setup
  4. DO IT

    DO IT

    Really depends on you. I like a little more AC than i need just in case. i would throw a 3T per 5k with the open hoods. Thats a great setup with the 3 rooms if you run a 60day you can break out the fiskars every 30 days.
  5. I would rather flip them both at once and only have to deal with a harvest every 60 days and still get the same amount. I would go with mini splits so you can seal the room and soak em in c02. with split rooms why not pull air in from an outside source air cool your lights and vent into the attic that way you don't have to run as much a/c.
  6. Reebs


    mini splits all the way, get a high SEER rating and add up like Texas Kid said, but i always thought it was 3K per 1000watt HPS AIR COOLED and 4K for vented 1000 watt HPS. i did that math and run 8k non air cooled with 24,000 BTU mini split and it' runs at 78 over the cannopy with the mini split at 70
  7. When my current buildout is done I'm going to have a little under half a ton of AC per unvented light - but I want my room to do whatever I want it to, and I want the units to last.

    If you have the money to invest, get a mini split for each room. How many BTU will depend on how big your room is - with less space, you'll want more BTUs. If you had a 1.5 ton mini in each room you'd be golden! The best investment you can make in a grow is your environmental controls - don't slack on it :)
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  8. In your own permanent setup, you should seriously consider water chilling. All the advantages of minisplits, and more. Instead of multiple systems- and multiple failure points- you can use just one larger and more efficient chiller that will cool your entire op, from 4 x 8' tent on up to million sq ft warehouse grows. Water chilling is for skyscrapers... and now, for us.