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Here, At Last!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Simarouba, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Greetings and Salutations to all you good folks. I am so glad I found this group. Didn't write "found this site", but "found this group" of great people. Powerful sense of community here.

    I know I am going to learn a great deal. And maybe make a few new friend, too.

    A little bit about me...I am a retired horticulturist. I grew woody plants; trees, shrubs, and palms in a subtropical climate.

    I've busied myself with a lot of things these past years, but how I miss growing, and educating people about plants, well, it left a big hole in my heart when I retired. I retired young, btw,.

    I am just about to fire up my first indoor grow- 5'x5'x6' tent, 1350w Viparspectra led, ProMix HP myco-bio, wide and shallow 7gal. Grow bags, scrog, Jack's Nutrients and two strains: CBD Skunk Haze and LSD (best of both worlds?!).

    I am still aquiring equipment, but I am getting close to germination time. Whoooeeee!

    I am feeling so restored in my soul, just reading about so very many people debating intricacies of plant care. I have missed "plant talk" more than almost anything. Face it, very few peeps in the "real world" are going to be passionately discussing the ins and outs of pruning techniques or plant genetics with you and me, not for hours at a time!

    Here's a question, and if I should post this in another place, please let me know where.

    I am surprised by the dilution rates, and associated fears of burning, (actual burning?) of cannabis. In twenty years of growing, I pushed limits with Peter's 20-20-20 many times, and NEVER burned a single plant. Not once. And though I was growing mostly woody (perennial plants), I did use such ferts on lots of veggies, orchids, bromeliads, annuals, too.

    And for heaven's sake, if companies are formulating and marketing liquid ferts for cannabis, why not put the 'real' dilution rate on the package? Needing to regularly dilute to a 1/8th or 1/4of recommended rate sounds nuts to me.

    Finally, the actual question!! Sorry. Are cannabis plants really that sensitive to root burn? Have you actually burned your plants with a non urea containing nutrient mix? Urea was the thing we always tiptoed around....that's some truly hot stuff!

    And second, anyone using Jack's Nutes, how are you mixing for application (think peat and perlite type soil mix)? Do you use Jack's rates, or do you dilute from there, possibly arriving at your rate by mixing to ppm measured rate? Which then would turn out to be something like 1/4 strength, or similar.

    Looking for guidance.....I can always test on an actual plant.

    Thanks in advance. I am sure looking forward to some danky skanky.
  2. Welcome to the cannabis world.. Not an Expert in anything but as far as plants being nutrient sensitive I think it really breaks down to the Genetics that were Used .. and with your background I would look into Living soil Methods..this can be done indoors as well as outdoors.. I am just learning about this myself but it really makes sense.. also called craft growing.. Grow strong Good Luck!
  3. Thanks, SmokesalotofVT, growing strong is exactly what I hope to do. This time, I'll stay close to what I am familiar with. I'd never go hydroponic for a first grow, for example. I'm amazed by the ingenuity and Drive of those who do.

    Agree about the craft growing concept. Just can't help myself with the Jack's (Peter's) nutrients. A little molybdenum, anyone? Since I specialized in many slow (6-10 years to sale) growing plants, I'm finding it hard to trust things for such a fast crop like cannabis. But I can hardly wait to find out! I mean, I can't even sleep!
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  4. Papa

    Papa Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    welcome to the farm Simarouba!