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Hey Guys I'm Erik And This Is My First Grow.

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by HoldenMcNiel, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone my name's Erik and I love cannabis. I am an Army veteran who has chronic pain and I swapped about 14 different prescriptions for cannabis about 4 years back and never looked back.
    I'm in a legal state (California) so I decided to try my hand at growing. I didn't quite know what method I wanted to stick with in the long run so I have many different veg times and containers in my 4x4 but how do you think they look so far?

    This is 4 days into flowering and the oldest in 5 gals have veged for 6 weeks.
  2. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Looks good, what strains?
  3. Purple Kush, Purple urkle Super animal cookies, blue knight and bag seeds
  4. Welcome to the farm. Plants are looking pretty good. Much better than my first attempt indoors. :cool:
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  5. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Nice sog.. Welcome
  6. 15292741966401092212249.jpg So I went in today and I have a 7 foot tall tent and the bar where I hang the light is the frame and I had to raise my led up as high as I could this morning because some in the 5 gals were getting too close so they are getting very big. Some bud action too see?
  7. Thanks and cheers :)
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  8. Ar.BsG


    Looking good why type of lights you running sir ?.
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  9. I'm running three in there right now
    Qt2 1000LEDw 240-280 actual watts
    Qt1 Flexible dual head LED (32w/ head I think?) Lamp
    I will probably add another pannel and a CO2 generator next grow. But they say 25w min to 32w/sqft so in my 16 I'm still within a safe range but if I add another one I'll probably have to do CO2.
    Maybe next grow.
    The best thing about my setup is the whole thing. Soil, pots, exhaust fan, filter, nutes, lights and tent all ran me under $400 total. :) I'm such a cheep ass. lol
  10. Ar.BsG


    Not bad I like it
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  11. Thanks mate :)
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  12. Looks great there guy. I'm an Air Force vet. Hoping the VA will someday have to furnish this stuff for free for me. I have chronic PTSD, which is not service connected, but they treat me for it, and I'm 70% service connected on psychical problems from service. You either had a good coach, or really did your homework before starting. There is another fellow on here looking at Led's and he is short on funds. Could you provide a link to the big LED lamp your running? I will pass it to him. :cool:
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  13. This is my first grow so I have never harvested with it but so far, so I don't know what to expect as far as yield but for 55$ I say you can't beat it. I got two of them in there now and will probably buy a third. There's no timer, Daisy chain option, or veg/bloom switch but I don't need all that stuff.
    Just give me a good light
    I also have PTSD and physical injuries which qualify myself for 70% SCD. Which is how I bought my setup bit by bit each month out of the check. So yeah man. You're not alone.
    I also run a smaller light I can't find the link to but it's small and easily replaced (like by a couple low wattage CFLs or something)
    Anyway, bout time to go wake up the ladies.
    Happy growing
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  14. Ar.BsG


    Lol bro if it makes you feel better all my lights come from Wally World . Just a broke man trying to get by lmao. I have medical in my state and could get it because I have chrons disease ;but in my not so friendly state you cannot own a firearm and use canabis it's one or the other . I'm a avid hunter so you get the picture .
  15. That sucks man. To me, that is a very archaic Hurst era hangover bs law. I loved to shoot. I got 38/40 on the range in the Army.
    Back on the topic of the lights. I researched the hell out of them.
    I've read the reviews for the Mars/Galixy Pro high end models, the COB models, and others like the Quantum Boards and all seem impressive but when you compare $S to actual watts this one can't be beat. The spectrum is also very close to HPS running 440-720nm.
    Another thing is they are distributed in the US so shipping is very fast but made in China so not expensive.
    I've seen similar American brands go for double.
    Girls look happy this morning. Getting really furry in there. lol
    I'm loving this because it's my first time growing but I've been smoking for over 20 years
  16. Kepster


    Looking good brother. Welcome to the farm!
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  17. It is fun, isn't it? LOL. I just gave your link to the other guy setting up his first indoor grow. I was buying led grow lights when they first started coming out, because of my power bill with HPS lamps. Well, they were crap and wouldn't produce. So, I waited and bought expensive G8 lamps in 2014 or 13. Can't remember. But, man, I haven't had a bad grow or any plant issues since, I love them. I told the other guy that by now, there may well be lights that perform well for way less, I just haven't been in the market since I bought. New on this site too, but been growing 14 years. Some years I don't grow, as it's all just for me.

    As far as how long I been smoking, it's about 43 years now Lol. They gave me all these pills at the VA man, messed me up. I got addicted to that Xanax, and like to never got off that crap. I blame them big Pharma companies too, they throw those benzos around, dangerous as hell. This stuff is much better for relief of anxiety and PTSD than a benzos. I was a zombie walking around. And, good pain reliever.

    Check out this stuff. It is the dried stuff I scraped off my trimming sizzor's. About 5 hits and I was obliterated! LOL. One of the goodies of harvest time, it's pure sugar. Tastes like real sweet hash! :cool: 20180618_170319.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
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  18. Gotta do what ya gotta do. I started out with regular floros, there was no such thing as CFL yet, LOL. No high output tek5, or anything. No grow lights at all, that were made for growing plants. Man, I'm getting old, Lol. :cool:
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  19. Lol well that stuff looks like hash almost. :) Must be good. I was just in there watering and I really like the results so far. This is the 11th light cycle since they started 12/12 and man I was expecting to pull SOME males out of 30 plants. But they all officially have pistils now so I guess not lol.
    Your story regarding the VA sounds a lot like mine. I too was on 9 R medications and Xanax was one of them.
    I quit them all (gradually) and replaced them with cannabis and now I don't take any prescriptions and haven't for years now (3 years)
    Cannabis is a wonderful healing plant and learning to grow her has been a pleasure.
    It also makes me happy to hear that apparently I'm decent at it. Always room for improvement though so I'm still ready to learn more.
    I'm thinking about messing with CO2 and high temp next cycle.
    Well see :)
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