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Hi 19days Into Flowering I'm In Coco Coir Feed Canna Line I Have Introduce Advanced Nutrients

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Irishmartin, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Help I'm using bigbud till week 4 can I mixbitin with budcandy used up to week 6 can I mix them?
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  2. Polar510


    Whenever I'm in doubt I call the Company that Makes the Nutrient. They usually will know what can or can't mix with there line.
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  3. Honestly bud candy is just microbe foods. I’d say you’re good. There is no npk to bud candy.
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  4. I ran it. And I ran mollasses instead on 2nd run. Mollasses did just as good but I think it depends your type of grow. If you have no microbe population to feed it won’t help. If I remember it is like a 0.04 in potassium but that won’t hurt nothing. I wouldn’t mix just cause not 100% sure if the chemicals used in either. but I wouldn’t be afraid of using bud candy in a seperate watering. Assuming you’re not running in water and actually have soil or coco mix.
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  5. Problem there is the company isn’t going to promote another companies product. They will probably give you a bs reason why it’s not compatible and push their equivalent. Unless you’re mixing in a reservoir I think your good. You can get at least 3x more use out of a $3 jar of grandmas old fashioned mollasses at a Walmart. Can’t knock bud candy. It does what it’s supposed to but molasses is cheap,more readily available ,and works just as good.
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  6. I'm in coco coir semi-hydroponics in 120x120 tent 600wt air cooled reflector kit 2x5inch inline and 6inch extraction system I feed canna a+b cannazym rhizotonic bigbud half strength p.h 5.8 I always feed every 2nd day with 20%runoff molasses is no good in semi-hydroponics I'm introducing and going with advanced nuets benefits does speed up flowerng more weight I'm doing 4 weeks bigbud 1 week of Buddha pk9.18 2 week of overdrive then 1 weeks flush I'm coming up week 3 flowering 1x blue cheese 1x critical 1x dream machine 1x blue cheese
  7. Yeah that why I said assuming no type hydro. I wasn’t sure but molasses sitting probably ain’t good build fungi that way.
    Looking pretty good. Healthy leaves good sign. I know you’re waiting for that swell
    it’s coming. Mine has hit at week 6 in past and stopped short of the 9 week mark. but I’ve only ran 3 strains twice. Got some beasts going now though. Using advanced nutes but only at 1 ml per l. I’m 12 days in flower 7-1/2 weeks from seed in soil. High phosphorus is to promote growth of bud sites. New budsites. The real swell comes from potassium. Most high p ferts say only use in first weeks of flower. I added bud blood week 1 and will for week 2 then I’ll cut it off. Then just base and molasses waters til flush.
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  8. Your plan on nutes here sounds pretty solid.
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  9. I been told you can add bud candy all way through to flush ?