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Hi Everyone ! Please Help !6

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RedTeamGrowz, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Hi growers
    I'm new to forums and newish to growing and I'd like to ask for some help
    I've been growing for four years and I want to attempt making seeds and would like help

    Strain list as follows
    Northern Lights
    Got male Alien Bluetooth I'm about to kill and might get some in the Northern Lights should I cross with the northern lights or the other male ? What can I expect from the resulting seeds ? Any help would be amazing and I need help on what to do please
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  2. Should I use the alien male on my jack and my ak that's going into Flower next week ? Or trash it and use a Northern Lights male ? I'd like to have things as stable as possible when I sprout the new seeds , and how much pollen do I need ? How long should I put my male in the grow area for ? I need seeds badly
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  3. Dan789


    Welcome, someone else with some more specific knowledge on this will need to comment. Good luck with whatever you do.
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  4. Thank you ! Can you please point me in the right direction
  5. Jimster


    I would try to cross both, since new strains are made daily. You might also want to try making some feminized seeds, which will give you basically clones from the plants they came from...or even from the crosses from other female's pollen (if treated with Colloidal Silver). Depending on your choices, you could make crosses with the males or create a few branches of feminized seeds from the females. You often get the same variety of phenos when crossing females, but crossing with males will also give you the usual 50/50 male/female mix of seeds. Keep good notes, or if you are like me, I forget everything in a few days unless I write the stuff down.
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  6. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to, The Farm. Check out the search bar it works wonders.
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  7. Confused
    So if I make female seeds , they will all be like the plant they came from ?
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  8. Jimster


    For the most part, yes. The seeds from a self fertilized female plant (also known as a Hermie, or Hermaphrodite) will be about the same as a clone of that plant, except in a seed form and not a clone form. If you have several different strains and you make flowers on them as well, then the resulting seeds will be a mix of the plant that grew the seeds and the plant that made the flowers/pollen...basically like a regular seed but feminized.
    By treating the growing buds with Collodial Silver, the plant will make flowers instead of buds. The flowers are able to pollinate the buds, resulting in seeds. Because the seeds came from a female plant, genetically there is no "male" chromosomes and any seeds produced will have only female genetic information. This will make only female plants from the seeds.
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  9. Sorry I must disagree. Selfed seeds can produce similar plants to the mother but not likely identical like a clone. They can be quite different too but will only contain the genetics of the mother plant so less variety than a male female made seed.

    I manage to have a few seeds on my seed grown Thai/diesel strains it seems sometimes and have collected them over the years. I plant them often. I never have hermies like is said on the forums beyond a few stress seeds or maybe a couple late nanners. Typical of chem based strains.

    Anyway. The point is that I see different and similar plants from s-1 seeds.
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  10. if you have a stash to sit on,bust a nut on all of them,take them outside ,put in a tent ,no light,just a fan ,close it all off and reach threw the vent hole on bottom of tent and shake the shit out of the male,the fan will circulate all pollen,come back next day,do same thing,day 3 open tent and take females out and with a squirt bottle ,spray the soil ,then spray the shit out of top and bottom ofleaves ,drench it good,let them sit there and dry all the way natural,i have a ceiling fan on my porch which does the job pretty quick,but have used just the wind when i had time to let them sit,after there dry and happy,put them right back in the flower room,i do all my crosses this way never had any issue putting them back in the room ever,or you could do the silver thing,i dont cause in my mind that mercury could go right into my lungs down the road,i get enough mercury eating fish hahahah,but ya thats how i do it and have made 4 strains this way,caution thought,a whole plant of seeds equal a damn bowl full of seeds,so make sure that the cross you want,i always grow my new strains 3 times were i know how i stand and answer any question that might arrive from friends i give them too,but grow um first,some come out like you expected too,but some might not,every seed is difrent and has its own pheno,taste might be difrent from all 3 grows if you dig what im saying,one thing for sure growing them 3 times you can tell structure,ease of growth,if there finacky and so on ,just my opinion ,by the way welcome and the worms are fixing to turn for you,it is a new journey past just growing and very addicting,my wife keeps a eye on my grows and spots a male i see her going across the room dragging the pot and all hahahahh
  11. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    if youv never made beans before i suggest u keep it simple and just make normal beans-not feminised ones.
    just pollonate a branch each offdop
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  12. Gotcha ! So how do I make the strain show more vigor & produce big yields
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  13. Thank you so much :) how much variation should I expect ? And is there a way to make the plants more identical to momma each time I cross em
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  14. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    that's supposed to say "just pollinate a branch with each type of pollon and mark each branch so u know what's wat."
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  15. Can I use multiple types of pollen on the same plant ? limited on space and numbers
  16. Jimster


    I agree to some degree that the seed grown plant will be different than the mother plant, but since there isn't much genetic variation, most will be pretty similar. Not as identical as a clone since the same dominant/recessive genes show more random variations, which a clone can't. From my experience, I find that most of the plants that were raised from naturally feminized seeds were pretty much identical, even decades later. Regarding different pollen strains from different plants...sure...that is what happens in nature. You can never really tell the future on future strains made from two different plant strains, but that is where the fun comes in. Sometimes you get a huge plant that is low in potency, sometimes a small but powerful plant...and everything in between. Sometimes you get a huge and powerful strain. Keep in mind that out of the zillion strains available out there, they all started from just a few original strains. Even the old strains weren't nearly as potent as the ones that have been crossbred to give up to 30% THC. In the 70s, you were lucky to find anything stronger than about 12-15 percent. People had lower tolerances to the levels, so the old stuff seemed super powerful, but the current stuff would have put you in a coma if you could get it back then.
  17. Madbud


    How would you know what is what? Tap the pollen onto foil then brush it on the stigmas. Take notes of whodadaddy
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  18. I'm thinking I should tag whatever branch with color coding so I can tell the difference in what pollen went where then grow half a dozen to a dozen of each type iimake the 1989NL5 I got grows beautifully , I'll post a pic or two after I medicate

  19. No way I could know. It depends on the stability of the original genetics.

    And you can’t change the genetics but learning about how plants grow and how light and nutrients can influence their growth, as well as training them to fit certain space can help.
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  20. With the hybrids I grow which are from feminized seed there is definitely a certain uniformity across strains/crosses but they are almost always a bit different.

    If we are talking about 90’s hybrids like white widow they were bred to be more uniform and always show only 2 or 3 phenos even after many seeds.

    But if there are more different plants involved with a new cross there are more new different plants that can emerge. And so on.

    So I agree with both of us. Lol. :)
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