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High CBD Strains?

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by dancetochaos, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Anyone have or know of any high CBD strains going around the Denver area?


  2. go to kindreviews and search their results. They are the most accurate test of what you are looking for. I wouldn't trust anyone unless they get their stuff tested regularly.
  3. The best CBD strain at MMC's right now is , supposedly, at the Dandelion, The CDB (12%) to THC(24%) ratio is 2-1 (or vise versa - dunno, and not 100% sure of %'s)

    here is there contact info:

    The Dandelion 845 Walnut St. Boulder, CO 80403 303-459-4676 Boulder 10/29/10 m- say 11- 7
  4. Seriously, wow that's really high! Do you know which strain?
  6. I read an interview aboot full spectrum labs and they say in there that it is physically impossible for there to be a 25% or higher thc count in any marijuana.
  7. I would absolutely agree with this. It seems like every dispensary has a special house clone that is 30% thc, yields 3lbs per light, has a super high calyx to leaf ratio, and finishes in 45 days. And they'll sell you a clone, yea right.

    A plant either has THC or CBD. If the plant has 25% THC it most likely has 0% CBD. The plant could have 12.5% CBD and 12.5% THC, or 0% THC and 25% CBD, but it won't have 25% THC and 12% CBD. No way, you're talking 37% cannabinoid content.

    I can't seem to get the new search function working properly but there was a breeder discussion by reeferman and mosca about CBD content in marijuana. CBD and THC are inversely proportional in the plant. Modern drug cannabis has had all the CBD bred out of it in lieu of greater THC. Hemp, or wild ditch weed type cannabis is high in CBD and has little to no THC. Apparently if you want a high CBD strain cross some dank with some ditch weed. the high apparently sucks from high CBD strains, bad headache and very lethargic foggy headed stone. Not enjoyable in the least.

    I was looking for a good drug cannabis that is relatively high in CBD. the best I came up with was brazil amazonia, supposedly 16-18% THC and 6-8% CBD. Something like this sounds more realistic. I don't think THC and CBD numbers on marijuana have jumped 50-100% since spring 09. There's alot of hype on the market so buyer beware.

    c4NN4daze, I think those numbers are correct. The cannatonic sounds like a good strain, but it's only at 7% THC if it's proportional? that's kinda low. you don't want the CBD too high or you'll be having a bad time medicating. I would prefer about 1/3 CBD and 2/3 THC so the THC euforia can get you over the shitty CBD feeling.
  8. Rednick

    Rednick Guest

    And somehow in CannaDa they have yet to test above 20%....

    Discrepancy anyone?
  9. What Sputnik speaks is the troof!

    Last I spoke with the Full Spectrum guys, they have yet to test ANY strain with higher than 10% CBD, and when you get such high CBD, your THC is usually in the single digits. I think the highest they have tested TOTAL Cannabinoids is around 30% and even that I think was a fluke!
  10. Look into Harborside's high CBD Strain, True Blue x OG Kush...I think it tested around 11.5% CBD at Steep Hill Labs, highest ever tested I believe...don't know if that cut is in CO though....
  11. mendel


    The cut is in Colorado.
  12. It IS???? WHERE?

  13. Yeah no shit! I need one fo sho!!
  14. I was just shouting out a fun said. No worries, I'm not the guy looking for CBD rich strains anytime soon but I do work. lmfao

  15. I do not. I passed the flyer on it to a friend who looks for these strains.

    If you call the store they will know exactly what you are looking for since they were advertising the heck out of it at Kush Con.

    Another good place to find high CBD, or THC strain is to goto

    This is a local company run by two smart 20'somethings, who do mobile testing w/ awesome benefits (100x magnification picture of the bud on a post card, and of course listing of tested stains on their website.
  16. The name of the strain at The Dandelion with super high CBD is...... Bubble Kush.
  17. I think it behooves us all to start looking at supplying at least one high cbd strain. It won't be long before big pharma isolates the cbd molecule, patents it and goes back to the same argument they made about Marinol.

    I think we all know that it is the combo in the plant itself that makes it all work but that will not prevent the argument and they have way more lobbying dollars than we do. Plus normal people still tend to believe big pharma over stoner growers...don't ask me why, but they do.

    We need to be proactive on this one.

    I too would love to know where I can find that Blueberry x OG Kush. Does anyone know if those cbd numbers have been verified by anyone other than the people selling the clone?
  18. Patients can also go to full spectrum's website and see the results of the strains they've tested. You can search for % of THC etc, it displays results so you can tell what places tested higher. It's worth browsing the site.
  19. Harlequin is another high CDB strain and it grows short and bushy.
  20. The only strain I have heare of being proven at high CBD rates is the strain Canatonic. Not real high thc either. The Cbd were around 6% and same as THC.
    Do not believer most of those tests out there. They are not that accurate. It is too bad most people believe what they read.
    Just like Public Enemy said back in the day Don't Believe the Hype!!! One of the best sayings to this day in my book.