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Holy Cow This Project Keeps Changing! Now It's Becoming An Indoor Grow

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by DoobieBro, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Good grief, If I were you guys I would be extremely frustrated with me. So I've learned more about the property and fact regarding the relationship with it and the available currently available infrastructure, etc. So it turns out that all the original rabbit hole my family members were sending me down of building a greenhouse on this property with almost no budget was not even necessary and not very cost effective considering all the available infrastructure.

    This property has indoor facilities that are currently set up for vegging and drying. Not only that but my family members recently informed me that due to there being IIRC 250% solar all the electricity is free. So instead of needing to invest in a large greenhouse, we can equip the existing structures to be full cycle clone-flower grow rooms and would only possibly need to build a small additional structure for more square footage. The only cost would be the necessary equipment and possibly a small additional indoor growing space. The only thing I have to do is go out and measure the existing square footage. These family members were previously in the solar business and apparently provided the solar system in exchange for using the property as one of our grows - but this apparently blew most of our budget which is why we are having to go cheap on it now.

    So my son-in-law keeps talking about using strip lighting to supplement existing HID lights in one of the rooms. Is there such a thing as "grow strip lights" that are genuinely effective. I've been searching the internet and haven't found anything that at first glance seems would be work effectively in a Marijuana grow? The truth is I don't know if he means actual stips of lights or something else.
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  2. Madmax


    I think you might have to workout how much solar energy you make save etc compared to how much energy you will use plus running everything else in household.i was going to do something similar in gerilla grow but was going to cost too much and having the solar panels would of gave me away...
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  3. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Personally I’d get with a local cannabis consultant.

    But if you ever need large scale commercial grow racks (with optional track based mobility system), I can get you a great deal.

    I can also get you light commercial grow racks that are even more budget friendly and will double your canopy without enlarging the footprint for a fraction of the price of large commercial racks.

    I’d start small and get it dialed in and then expand upon it as you feel comfortable and confident.

    But a local consultant can help.
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  4. The solar is already in place. They already one grow outdoor over the summer. These guys were in the solar business for years and sold the company for a huge profit last year to a very big player in the industry. They are experts in solar. So we already know the capacity is considerably more than is currently being utilized. Why in he** they didn't tell me this, in the beginning, I don't know. Because, I would have suggested the current plan from the beginning.

    They already had one successful harvest outdoors that hopefully, the trimming is going to finish on today. They had to fire the guy who did this grow which is why the roped me into this. Matter of fact they don't want the previous guy to know they have plants in veg out there now.

    Now the grow racks that's something I think we need to seriously look at.

    We currently have 100 plants in veg that need to be flipped A.S.A.P.
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  5. fill that bitch with gavita lights on light rails and be done,there always moving and do magic for plants simply by just moving as the sun does,the thing is the market is full of the next best thing,all gimmicks,nothing will ever replace hid lighting imo,right now it all about double ended bulbs,led lights,all kind of boards and such,to damn complicated for just rotating plants in and out,good old school hid lighting has had me high since 1976 hahaah and cheap compared to todays fads,power isnt a issue for you,so bulbs wouldnt be either if needed,i really hope you sort things out friend,working for family and friends can lead to heart ache and lack of trust,when trust is gone nothing else there i you dig
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  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    PM me bro. I’ll help you get setup and going. It’s easiest to build around the racks once they are in place vs adding them later on. We’ve even got reps in your area that can show you some other local grow setups that I can put you in touch with. Check out my site and click the Commercial Grow Racks link to checkout the pics and info.

    The company I work with is based locally and my wife works for them so I can get you taken care of. They are the biggest player in the grow rack industry right now and have experience in designs and layouts to optimize your grow space. The quotes and layout design are free.
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  7. I'm trying to pm you now but I keep getting an error. Please feel free to pm me so I can just reply until I figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  8. Completely depends on how tall the ceilings are... supplemental lighting with LEDs may not be optimum as their biggest benefit is running closer to HPS and CMH setups.

    You can easily add a few COBs for supplemental lighting, but if you are going to be able to cash in on whatever electricity you aren't using it may end up being cheaper in a year or so to just rebuild and upgrade to newer more efficient technologies.

    A general room size and height as well as any additional info would be ideal.

    I think @JWM2 racks would serve you good depending on the facility of course!

    Oh, and the strips your sons are mentioning are probably either Samsung, bridgelux, or a type of booster strip with far reds and things like that. I only have experience in personal grows but I dont see these being ideal to supplement in with HID use, but theres a great chance I'm wrong
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  9. Once again thank you all for the replies! Right now the situation is a little tricky because the previous grower is out there trimming the last harvest and apparently have had problems getting trimmigrants to show up. I freaking hope they finish today. I'm going to try to get the property owner to measure the room our vegging plants are in so we can have all the necessary measurements of the rooms we want to build out in. Once I have the measurements I will report them here.
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  10. Well, I was able to get the measurements of the current veg room. It is 20'x19' and 9' Floor to ceiling. So I figure will at least have to utilize the drying room also it's basically a barn, but I still have to get the measurements.
  11. You crack me up bro throw those old gravitas away buy some cree 3590s sit back and enjoy the fruits of your harvest i was a old school like you till i changed and bro they cost the same now if your half smart;)
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  12. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Come on now don’t close the casket yet! We’re still hanging on.
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  13. Haha kudos to you bro they did me well for years and i never once complaned about there results just enjoyed the constant stone lol and great results
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  14. Madmax


    Ive not long purchased one .will do me just fine i reckon.what would 6 cree cost..have they auto dim.shutdown if gets too hot and sunset sunrise on their controllers??