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Home depot Paint is 90% reflective paint

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by woody420, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. What's going on farmer's here's something to read a friend of my passed it on to me. Here the best paint to use when getting your paint from a home depot store thought it might come in handy for someone out there. well catch you around woody420

    Thank you for contacting Behr.

    For colors close to 90% or over 90% light reflective value look to our Ultra Pure White 94.6 or our other white such as Linen White 84., Swiss coffee 84., or other very light Pastel colors. You can have any of these colors in a Flat finish. All our interior or exterior Premium Plus paints have mildewcide in them and will work on any bare plywood surface that has been primed first or painted first.
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  2. Er, all white paint is about 90% reflective, regardless of manufacturer, the gloss ones are high numbers like the 94.6 you quoted, the satin and matt finishes are lower, in the 80s. Just buy the cheapest white gloss they have and it will reflect fine.

    I prefer mylar myself and instead of buying the expensive stuff from hydro shops I buy 99p emergency blankets, same stuff, just as reflective, just thinner material but works as well, I hold it up with double sided carpet tape, nice and easy, no tools or painting.
  3. highroller

    highroller Premium Member Supporter

    16 has always been my understanding that flat white is more reflective than satin or gloss???
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  4. Well gloss is waterproof, that's a big reason for using it in a grow room. I think that matt and gloss are equally reflective but the matt spreads the reflected light more diffusely whereas the gloss is more a direct type reflection and can cause hot spots, if that makes sense.
  5. highroller

    highroller Premium Member Supporter

    Perfect sense. My current set up has flat white walls with 4' x 4' mylar panels that can be adjusted in or out as the crop size demands. It works pretty well.
  6. Many tests have shown that mylar is best and the best way to get the most out of your light is to have the mylar right up against the plants so those moveable walls are ideal.
  7. How about "satin" or "semi-gloss"? If you choose to use paint...
  8. Should be fine, just don't use emulsion or anything water based as it's not waterproof.
  9. Yeah that makes since... a semi-gloss or gloss would be easy to clean with a damp cloth, even more in an oil-base.
  10. hailstone

    hailstone Guest

      [b]Material:                            Reflectivity:[/b]
      Mylar                                    90 – 98 %
      Foylon                                   92 - 95 %
      BW poly                                  85 - 90 %
      Flat white paint                         60 - 90 %
      Mirror                                   82 - 87 %
      Glossy white paint                       70 - 80 % 
      Aluminium foil (flat side)               50 - 70 % 
      Black paint                                 < 10 %
    Quickly translated some figures from a local grow guide I use as reference.. Anyway it seems like flat white paint can be more reflective than glossy paint but it can also be less reflective. The paint from Home Depot seems like a good choice if it sells for a good price.
  11. Good info hailstone. I'd still go for gloss over matt as like stone69 says, you can wipe it clean with a cloth and no matter how careful you are, it will get splashed with water and dirty, so you need a hard-wearing surface.
  12. Nice hailstone I like that little light guide you got going up there.
  13. good read hailstone. very useful as i was just deciding to paint or tape up some mylar.i think im gonna stick with the mylar 4 now
  14. StonedOwl

    StonedOwl Guest

    I"m just wondering about things like white printing paper, clean Styrofoam, or white trash bags......Common things you might find around the home. Anyone have any experience using materials like those? In theory I would think so long as its around the same color as the white paint, it might work just as well.
  15. I use Roof coating. It's called KoolSeal made for Mobile home roofs. 97% reflective and it has a fungicide in it already. About 18.00 gallon at the Home Depot.

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  16. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    Hola pp69 I find that stuff catches dust. I used hd new exterior paint for 32 bucks, holds up well. Mylar causes major hot spots. Plus if you foliar spray mylar really sucks. JK
  17. I do notice the dust collection. I thought that was normal. So now your telling me I have to repaint the room.LOL Still gathering pieces for a new room. Rethinking the wall covering now.

  18. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    Where there is dust there are mold spores. Plus if you put down a material that has a surface that is sealed you could spray something like physan 20 to disinfect your room and makes it easier to use a sulfur burner. JK
  19. What of titanium white?

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  20. ok after a little thought I decided to go with roof paint, now my question is would the aluminum finish work as well as the Brite white? aluminum is all my local HD carries. I would think it would be at least as good as the white. anyone that can drop some knowledge on me would be great