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honey as a root starter on clones

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by stonedgrower, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. my friend told me about this, and i now have 3 three week old clones because of it. anyone ever hear about this, and could anyone explain why it works?
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  2. Interesting, Honey is a natural antiseptic and a potent hygroscopic(water absorbing) material with medical uses going back many thousands of years. These two factors mainly the antibiotic properties though are the reason honey works as a rooting agent. The Egyptians were quite fond of honey and all its variable uses. Honey has long been revered as a sacred commodity for its curative properties. The sumarians, the babylonians, the Romans, and pretty much the rest of the world through ancient times believed the honey bee to be divine. Here is a good recipe I found for a honey rooting liquid for aero/bubble cloners-To make the honey a rooting hormone agent you will need to take a few very simple steps: 1) boil 2 cups of water 2)add 1 TBS(tablespoon) of honey 3) Let mixture cool then put in an airtight container 4) Store out of light, either sunlight or artificial 5) Dip cutting in solution then pot up, no real need to put baggie/plastic over cuttings. I have use this solution and have had much better results in rooting cuttings than with rooting hormones purchased. Please note: The shelf life of this solution is approximately 2 weeks.
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  3. Trade secrets lol, i have never heard of this idea before & i will be sure i never forget it.

    Thanks stonedgrower & MIZZ ELVIS :rasta:
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  4. Very cool. That could save people some money. Thanks for the info stonedgrower and mizz elvis. How long do you boil the honey in the water though?
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  5. bdawgburner you dont boil the honey, just add it to the boiled water, look.

  6. Cool thanks for clearing that up.
  7. Very interesting i have never heard of this. I will have to try it someday
  8. StonedOwl

    StonedOwl Guest

    I have a friend who recently discovered honey could be used for cloning. He has several clones growing quite happily under CFL's.

    But he didn’t boil water or anything, he just used the honey like you may use any rooting hormone. Smear it on the razor when you make the cutting, then get it all up on the stem before sticking it in some Rockwool. Keep em humid, and it seems to work fantastically.

    I thought he had made a new discovery, but it seems there are others out there using this technique.

    I’m off to smoke one, its Four Twenty somewhere. :weed-sign:
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  9. if you're having trouble with cloning, you might could check
    this thread out, ...and don't make the mistake of discounting
    it because it looks so simple and cheap, believe me, it works!

    here's a few pics of 2 of mine and of a couple of rooted cuts,
    ...which, btw, rooted in 9 days.

    i love these cloners because they are cheap as hell, simple
    to use and extremely reliable, plus, i can fit 3 times as many
    cuts in the same space as my bubble cloner, which only held
    18 cuts (i fit 57 cuts in the same space now).

    here's a couple shots of my bubbler to so you can see i'm
    not just talkin' out my posterior, lol.
  10. Moppel


    the roots on the second last pic look kinda brown to me...
  11. yeah, they are, ...i was experimenting, lol.

    in any event, i'm not using that bubbler any more, i use the
    ice cube tray's now, and i like them way more better!
  12. I have had good sucess with my aero cloner, i also have tried rapid rooters, they were OK, and rockwoll, I perfer Aero due to ease of use and sucess rate, next would be rockwoll, and then rapid rooters, I would like to try honey, I use plant sucess when i transplant the clones once they have little roots and the TAKE OFF!! hardly any pause in groth!
  13. Yup!!!! I also use plant success granular when transplanting clones....Talk about a good product.
  14. have you tried the aforementioned ice-cube-tray cloners?

    if not, just for shits and giggles, you should spend the $4.00
    to get one and then, give it a try!

    all you need is 1 ice cube tray, from Walmart, 1 bag of vermiculite,
    the fine grade stuff if you can find it, and some cuts n' water.

    then, if you also add a rooting hormone of some kind, about
    9 days later and you get crazy roots, and in a very small
    footprint! ...i fit 57 cuts in 2 cloners inside a bin just a little
    bigger than a shoe box, 14 x 11 inchs to be exact.

    all you do is keep about an inch of water in the bottom of the
    bin, then the vermiculite stuffed cylinders wick up the water,
    the media itself acts as the wick!

    then it just becomes a matter of providing the right environment
    so you get repeatable results, which in this case is simple.

    1) you need to keep an inch of water in the bottom of the bin,
    and change the water after no more than a week.

    2) clean it after each run, that's why it's good to have at least 2

    3) this is the secret so don't tell anybody else, you have to keep the res temps in the low 80's, lol.

    that really is the secret too, this is the most hands-off build i've ever done, lol, which makes it the best.

    anyway, if you go to the original thread (linked in my last post)
    you'll find that it was originally posted by a guy from the old
    OverGrow site, i think his name was ooglebird.

    so i take no credit bro, just sharing the love, like he did before me, lol.

    and you don't need rooting hormone, it just speeds it up by
    about 30%, which is significant and why i use rooting gel, lol.

    if you use no rooting agent and just use plain, ph'ed water,
    and you keep the res temps in the low 80's, and under just
    a couple CFL's, fresh cuts root in about 14 days.

    if you add a rooting agent, you get mad roots in under 10 days,
    ...go back to my last post and take a look.

    btw, here's a couple pics of some cuts i didn't have room in
    my cloners for and, pack rat that i am, i just stuck 'em in cups
    of water, labeled cups of course, lol.

    as you can see, i've gotten rooted clones from each of these
    cups. ...cloning isn't voodoo my friend, it's a skill.

    and please don't take that the wrong way as i intend no disrespect,
    i truly am just sharing the love!

    if i were just being a jerk, i could have done it a lot more plainly
    and with far less typing, lol.
  15. so,how do i do this then? just go "snip snip" with the scissors on one of my many side branches and dump it in a cup?
  16. i strongly recommend the ice tube tray's rather than just
    cups of water.

    i posted the pics of the cuts that had rooted from cups of
    water to illustrate that cloning isn't as hard as most think
    it is.

    btw, i checked those cups this morning and got 6 more rooted clones.

    go back to post #9 and check the link to the original thread
    on cloning with the ice tube trays, and keep an open mind,
    when i first saw it, i thought they had to be full of crap, it just
    couldn't be that easy! ...(i was using my bubble cloner at the time)
  17. right on people. learning lots from you all, keep the info coming!
  18. honey never gets old. crazy technique.
  19. burnalot420

    burnalot420 Lolipop Genetics Supporter

    Hey bozo did you make this cloner or purchase it
  20. heater


    Got my wal=mart stuff today and i'll have cuts in a week or 2 to practice with, 1st. timer here..:joint: