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How close should i keep my 150w hps

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Jmagpharmer, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. How close should i keep my 150w hps to my 2 plants inches wise >?? thanks guys keep on growing
  2. as close as u can without burning em. id imagine something in the area of 12 inches or so tho.
  3. thanks !
  4. I'd end up much closer. My 600 is only about 8" away (bare bulb) horizontal.
    light penetration from a 150 watt bulb in not that great so a foot away the lumens drop huge! I have seen 1000's run as close as a foot away. The key is air flow.

    Always start new plants and cuttings further away but when they become accustomed to it...gradually bring them in closer.
    you could probably get away with as close as 4 or 5 inches if there is air flow between the bulb and plant
  5. Steve Z

    Steve Z Guest

    i have my 600 10-14 inches away, depending on temps and growth

    if your somewhere that has good circulation i'd put it like 4-8 inches away...

    if your in a closet or cupboard something that gets kinda hot i'd push it to 10" or so, try and not go further than that if possible.
  6. i really does all depend on air flow like others are saying. i would also just say hang it high enough that the foot print is what you want/need. the higher u hang the larger the footprint but the less intense. all a trade off and figure out what will work for u. how many plants u throwing under that bad boy?
  7. You can put a fan so it blows air through the space between the lights and the plant tips. Use thermometer to find your sweet spot about 80 to 85 degrees farenhiet, if hotter than that your causing undue stress to the plants . Some fixtures are made to put a tempered glass lense between the bulb and plant tips but these need air being pulled through them by a fan to stay cool. For best conditions the ambient temp in your room should be about 70 - 75 degrees farenhiet. Once I did not have my setup dialed in and left town for a few days came back to a hot steamy dead mess this is another lesson i learned the hard way.
  8. LBH


    The easy test is to place your hand, palm down, between the plant and the light. The sensitive topskin of your hand will feel what the plants feel.