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How do you start seeds in hydroponics/hydroton?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by CannaSeur, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, I do not know if this has been answered or not and I have searched and haven't really found the answers I was looking for.

    When I 1st started growing I always started by jiffy's and moved to bigger pots blah blah blah. But now that I've switched over to hydroponics using hydroton. Yes I do use oasis cubes and fill the holes with coco and plant them BUT, Now my actual question is, After the seeds have sprouted and the roots are coming out of the oasis, Do I really have to water them every 2hrs until they've grown up to the point where they start needing nutrients and put it on the veg table?

    Or does everybody just start the seeds by jiffy/rockwool and soil and gorw them til mothers and then choose the best one to work with?

    Could I buy a 3x3 ebb and flow and just put water and use it only to start the seedlings? If I can, what would the watering schedule be? every 2hrs still? cuz I don't want to overwater them. cuz when I watered them before I would only water around the oasis cubes if they were still really moist but now if I get the table it will be soaked everytime no matter what and I'm afraid that the base of the stem will start to rot.

    Am I being paranoid? is there a solution?
  2. i just start them in 1in rockwool cubes or rapid rooters, once roots showing threw either transplant. once they get in the size of rockwool cube you will be using the whole time and the roots shwo through that one put in hydro sytem. thats what i do at least....i run DWC
  3. The way I almost have 100% success rate is to use the smallest rockwool cubes like inch x inch or so, soak them in a light veg nute mix for a few hours then put a seed in each one, I put mine under 2 T5s x 24"long for about a week or two till i see good roots then i take 6" pots put 2" hydroton then my rockwool cube encase it in hydroton carefully with the stem coming out of the stones and let them grow rockwool and hydroton together in the hydro setup feeding 6 times a day,
  4. We only did it once and it worked well so far. Sprouted seed in wet rockwool on a seed mat. Once it was barely tall enough and didn't have much for roots or leaves we put them in the areoponic cloner. We got good growth there after ten days and then moved straight to hydroton on a 6 times a day flood and drain. Now they're fat, green and happy.