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How long to veg seeds before flowern?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by ibTheMan, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. So how long do you guys grow your seeds before you flower them? ive all ways waited around 60 days, to long?
    also whats the shortest veg time with still getting good plants.
  2. There many sativa strains that can be flowered from seed. The catch being the longer flowering time. Peace GS
  3. I veg my plants at 45 days. Sometimes 52. :)
  4. Farmer Jon

    Farmer Jon Premium Member Supporter

    I like to wait for a new plant from seed to show its sex before I induce flowering. with that being said I have planted seeds outside in September and had 2 foot bushes of buds come December. I would have to say that it is dependent on many variables (strain, season, climate, exposer to full light /partial light, environment, nutrient availability ect.)
  5. Yeah that sounds about rite. About 45-60 days. I Havent grown out many sativa or sat. dominant girls from seed. I like for that plant to be large and mature before I flower from seed What you planning on doing from seed?

    Plant the FIRE!

  6. i thought flowering times mattered on light x amount of plants? Like SOG the more plants the shorter the vege time... its a formula i thought¿
  7. Steve Z

    Steve Z Guest

    depends on stretch. some 1 week others 8.
  8. So if you got 4 plants they need to be veged twice longer than if you had 8 i know theirs a formula dealing with how much light & how many plants & their genetics, dictates,

    you can grow a a few bushes that puts out close to 2lbs under a 1k veged for 80days
    you can grow 20 plants under the same 1k and vege for 4weeks or less and get the same weight....

    How many plants you rockin? whats system you using? what lights u rockin? and what genetics if any will best help some 1 dictate how to get the most out of what your rockin homie...