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how many plants will it take to grow 5-10 pounds

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by relyt024, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. 5 to 10 pounds outside is just a matter of committing to your operation. I don't care if you're growing 300 Lowryders or one 15 foot tall sativa monster with a fence a round it, the yield comes from your concern for the plants themselves. What if I told you each pound was two hours of work a week? Reading the leaves for insects and deficiencies, mixing proper nutrients, being there to water when you're supposed to be there to water... invest the time and you'll see the weight.
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  2. CALI i believe is 6 and 6 flowering
  3. 6 veg 6 flowering in cali
  4. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    Id say ONLY 2 hours?
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  5. ok, everyone talking about calis numbers is wrong. while sb420 guidelines are in affect the county determines the amount. no matter what county though you cannot go bigger than a 10'x10' canopy. sb 420 guidelines were thrown out this year, but it is under an appeal. during the appeal they will stay in affect. so you guys might want to take that into consideration.

    the majority of counties in cali are 6 mature or 12 immature plants per recommendation. get in compliance and dont get greedy people.

    depending on the plant and term outdoors in the ground i have seen 12lbs on one plant, dry and cured. i just pulled 8oz per blue dream outdoors in 5 gallon buckets in 95 days roughly.
  6. dig a big hole with a construction viehicle rent a backhoee
  7. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    my dr rec says 50 plants - under sb420 thats how many I can have - when were sb guidelines thrown out? never heard about this...
  8. rollin: i think it was in may last year. (cant remember, you know). my dr rec says i can have anything less than 90 and specefically says it exceeds 420 guidelines. the problem is that there is a lot of gray area in the laws left open for interpretation by the judge and da.

    last year i went through a case where they took everything. i was under my recs #s, and inside my 10'x20' canopy for my 2 recs. i ended up getting off no charges, but they took all the smoke and gave the grow equipment back. i had a good lawyer and everything. remember even if the cops think your plants will yield more than you can legally have, they can and more than likely will take them. if you are lucky to get the smoke back it will be premature and moldy more than likely. its a risk i am not willing to take again even if my dr says i can.

    sanoma county has the highest guidelines in CA at 99 plants in 100 sqft area at any stage, and 3 lbs of dried buds.

    this is straight from canorml:
    "In recognition of the fact that the guidelines are inadequate for many very ill patients, SB 420 allows patients to be exempted from them if they obtain a physician’s statement that they need more.

    In deference to local autonomy, SB 420 also allows counties and cities to establish higher - but now lower - guidelines if they so choose. As a result, the new law will not overturn liberal guidelines that are now in effect in Sonoma and elsewhere. However, it should force more restrictive counties, such as San Bernardino and Fresno, which have heretofore had "zero tolerance" policies, to honor the new statewide minimum standard. Medical marijuana activists are lobbying other counties and cities that currently lack guidelines to override those in SB 420."

    "Strictly speaking, the guidelines do not constitute hard and fast limits on how much patients may legally have. This is because Prop. 215 specifically allows patients whatever amount of marijuana they need for their own medical use, and Prop. 215 cannot be overridden by the legislature. Rather, the guidelines are supposed to protect patients from arrest, something that is nowhere guaranteed in Prop. 215 itself. Therefore, even though patients who exceed the limits are subject to arrest, they should still be able to defend themselves in court under Prop. 215. Nonetheless, defense attorneys are fearful that some courts will misinterpret the new law as an absolute limit and wrongfully convict patients for exceeding it They fully expect that further litigation will be needed to settle the matter in the higher courts."

    SB 420 Enforcement Guidelines

    * State law, SB 420 (Health & Safety Code 11362.7), which took effect on Jan. 1, 2004, protects Prop. 215 patients from arrest provided they cultivate no more than 6 mature or 12 immature plants and possess no more than 8 ounces of dried marijuana (H&SC 11362.77(a)).
    * Counties and cities are authorized to establish higher (but not lower) limits if they wish (H&SC 11362.77(c)). Listed above are those localities that have adopted limits above the state limit.
    * Patients who need more marijuana can be exempted from these limits if they obtain a physician's statement specifying that they need more (H&SC 11362.77(b)). While police are often reluctant to recognize such exemptions, they are helpful in court.
    * The legality of the SB 420 limits is disputed. California NORML attorneys maintain that SB 420 cannot constitutionally limit the amount of marijuana patients can legally have insofar as Prop. 215 allows them to possess and cultivate whatever is necessary for their personal medical needs. However, this issue has not been settled by the courts. Patients who exceed the limits risk being arrested and having to defend themselves in court. Any patient who needs more than the limits is strongly advised to obtain a physician's exemption.
    * On May 22, 2008, the Second District of California Court of Appeals ruled that the state limits on medical marijuana possession and cultivation established under state law SB 420 are unconstitutional. That decision is being appealed to the California Supreme Court. The court's reasoning would seem to apply only when the SB 420 numbers are used to limit patients' rights, but might be interpreted otherwise by police who would prefer to ignore it.
    * Despite supposed protections of SB 420 and Prop 215, patients may still be arrested if law enforcement suspects they are outside the law, for example, by being involved in illegal sales or distribution, or growing plants with excessive yields.
    * In general, the state Attorney General has given local authorities discretion in how they enforce Prop. 215, as explained in a letter to local law enforcement officials. The AG's office is expected to issue further guidelines soon.

    hope all that is the direct link.
  9. SB 420 say you can have a, "Minimum" of 6, but your doc can recommend more. And in Oakland you can have up to 99 in a 10x10 space.

    And if your doing it right with ammended soil and a dedicated farmer you should be getting at least 1 p per plant.
  10. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    99 lbs in a 10 x 10? roflmao

  11. oakland right now i believe is 72 its posted at the harborside health center. an if you really want to yield outdoors do some research on some strains, DIG A TRENCH AS WIDE AND LONG AS POSSIBLE AND FILL IT WITH A GOOD MED-LIGHT SOIL, mix everything you need in your soil a couple months prior to planting so the plants dont burn wen transplanted and violah you have super dank growing with only your sprinklers running on them and all you have to do is prune. if you have any questions feel free to pm me.
  12. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    City of Oakland

    Ordinance: Indoors -- Up to 72 plants with up to 32 square feet of canopy and 3 # dried bud. Caregiver amounts calculated on the above numbers per patient served. Outdoors -- 20 plants at any stage of developmen and 3 # dried bud.
    Effective June 1, 2004: Collectives not to exceed three patient members. Only four licensed dispensaries to be allowed by the City. Dispensaries limited to 8 ounces and 6 mature plus 12 immature plants per patient member at any given time. No on-site consumption allowed.
    Original policy from 1998: Outdoors - 30 mature plants (60 if less than 30 are flowering); Indoors 144 -- 48 mature plants + 96 immature vegetative and/or 1.5 # or 6 # (if patient grew).

    Sonoma: County policy: Up to 30 (formerly 99) plants with up to 100 square feet of garden canopy and up to 3# of bud.
    The guidelines were adopted by the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chiefs Association, which includes the DA, Sheriff, and police chiefs from several towns and cities in the county. The guidelines were later ratified by the Santa Rosa and Sebastopol city councils. Protocol to review recommendations through Sonoma Medial Association. Caregiver amounts calculated per patient served. Physician's approval if more is needed. For more information contact Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana.
    A. Possession. A qualified patient, or a person holding a valid identification card, or the designated primary caregiver of that qualified patient or person, may possess amounts of marijuana of up to three (3) pounds of dried cannabis or conversion per year.
    B. Cultivation. A qualified patient or a person holding a valid identification card or a designated primary caregiver, or primary caregivers or qualified patients whom associate collectively or cooperatively, may also cultivate cannabis in an amount not to exceed more than one-hundred (100) square feet total garden canopy, per qualified patient, as measured by the combined vegetative growth area.
    C. Plants. A qualified patient or a person holding a valid identification card or a designated primary caregiver, or primary caregivers or qualified patients whom associate collectively or cooperatively, may cultivate cannabis in an amount not to exceed more than thirty (30) plants per qualified patient. The authorized thirty (30) plants must be grown within the one-hundred (100) square foot total garden canopy per qualified patient.

  13. thanks for that rj
  14. Wasnt there a new change to county marijuana counts.Im pretty sure this went to the california supreme court,and now you can have as many plants as your doctors rec will allow....???
  15. Yes there is a change in the law, might not be reflected here because this thread is from 09'
  16. Aligee


    this might help answer the question...

    Ca Supreme Court Strikes Down Medical Marijuana Possession, Cultivation Limits

    Posted January 21st, 2010 by canorml_admin
    January 21 - The California Supreme Court released its long-awaited ruling in People v. Kelly today.

    As expected, the court struck down the so-called SB 420 quantity limits in Ca Health & Safety code 11362.77 as applied to patients' right to grow, but upheld their application for other purposes, e.g. as a "safe harbor" guideline for protecting patients from arrest.

    Read the opinion

    "We conclude, consistently with the decision of the Court of Appeal below (and with the position of both parties in the present litigation), that insofar as section 11362.77 burdens a defense under the CUA to a criminal charge of possessing or cultivating marijuana, it impermissibly amends the CUA and in that respect is invalid under article II, section 10, subdivision (c). We also conclude, consistently with the views of both parties in the present litigation, that the Court of Appeal erred in concluding that section 11362.77 must be severed from the MMP and hence voided."
  17. not a county but a california exempt note from your doctor she told me not to push it 100 is a federal case even less thin that if you get there attention im gonna do 30 inside and 30 out anyone know of a farmer who exempt was tested..
  18. I know this has become a thread about plant limits in the post Kelley world, but I am going to add my two cents to the original question:

    you could grow 5-10 pounds on one outdoor plant in 200-300 gallons of soil and the right strain. Just about any strain will give you 3-4 pounds per plant in that much soil, assuming the right amount of veg time.

    and on the other part of this discussion: Over 99 plants does not mean it automatically goes federal. what it means is that IF the feds get involved and you are found guilty of federal cultivation charges, you will have to serve a mandatory minimum of 5 years.
  19. yea no kiddin, it takes me over 2 hours just to get to my plants
  20. Are you a time traveler