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how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by danko, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. danko

    danko Guest

    just trying to figure out what dispensaries are paying thses days. for some real dank, og kush and other popular starins. $$min and $$max would be cool. thanks guys, if you know...Peace happy turkey day!
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  2. For top grade medicine, clubs will pay anywhere from 4000/lb to 4800/lb if they are in southern california. Up in nor-cal its a little different though... they pay less for the same quality (growers are abundant and right around the corner).
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  3. $2,000 a lb in the norcal area....this is second hand info though, but I have heard $2,000 lb from 2 different growers, plus they say you have to really be tight with a club first....
  4. too bad the clubs rip us off still at $60 a 1/8th....these clubs are out of hand on their prices....they are paying approx $15 per 1/8th....whats that a 300% markup.....rediculous.....
  5. wow. If it is really like that up here in norcal for premium meds....I am pissed off too. That is not compassion, that is highway robbery. Shoot...on the streets people pay 2000/lb for mid quality outdoor, even boo boo if desperate. Glad I don't have to deal with buying too much :D
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  6. not like i would know or anything but i would assume for top grade meds in norcal most clubs will pay upwards of 3500 for one large perhaps 38 if its got the name purple in it hahaha
  7. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Premium Member Supporter

    $4,200 is the lowest I would ever go:) Top shelf meds>>no mids
    Clubs are killing it especially @ 60 bucks an eighth, bunch of horseshit really:)
  8. wow i always thought it was cheaper in cali... thats the same prices i pay here...
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  9. co-ops are alot cheaper and the way to go in my opinion.....
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  10. jaybird


    wow...the clubz charge as much as the streets in Hawaii...glad i don't pay...
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  11. lol the clubs are sketchy. Me and my partner in crime (no homo) was in the backroom with the owner of a brand new club in Richmond. Golden Gate Heath Center. He had just harvested his personal cross of DJ shorts Blueberry and OG Kush (im pretty sure it was one of cali connections) called it blackberry kush. had that distinct DJ short smell. and had some color. they had offered us 3800 each. So we told them we will take our business elsewhere. They were HEATED told us we weren't welcome back.
  12. fractal


    For outdoor, assuming name brand top quality don't go less than 32. The 2000 pounds are total shit from the massive mendo and trinity farms. Garbage in, garbage out but it's purple garbage so everybody wants to save it from the landfill.

    ^ that story is lame, BAF. Where is that cub, what street in richmond?
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  13. Lol, thats so fucked up, but so typical.. They can low ball you, but when you walk your the asshole? WTF?
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  14. My buddy sold a decent lb down south for 5. I think if you got grade a the club pays 4-4800 in the bay area, not just down south. Harborside and places will still sell that for close to 10 grand once its 8thed up and grammed up. If you have some bomb don't sell it for less than 4k. Keep in mind the market is still some what flooded, although not with good shit.
  15. Whats lame is the club tryna low ball the shit outta me when they are gunna sell it for 60 dollars an eighth and they are supossed to be "for the patients" and all this shit. its some straight BS.
    Its On Marina Bay Parkway Between Meeker and Pierson

    Ya i know right. I will never buy/sell with clubs. They are just big hustler drug dealers. which is why i started growing my own.
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  16. Yeah this guy on weedtracker said dude at harborside offered him X dollars and said to come in, then when he got their said they were stock for like 4 mos and offered him way less. He went back to his area and someone followed him and broke into his car.

    yea i know someone who had that blackberry kush that was bomb, think he got like 4200

    do you know of clubs that will buy 1/4 and 1/2 p?
  17. opps plse delete
  18. yes!
  19. Rabbi

    Rabbi Guest

    Clubs in the BA are a meens of cash at last resort. I agree with Bayareasfinest. However if you know the buyer and have been donating product for a while they'll pay the price to the ceiling of about 4800 lbs, but southern clubs send buyers up to BA and are paying 5600 for the fire, then drive it south. And the real topgrade smoke NEVER even makes it into the clubs because of their ceiling on price.

    And Yes they buy 1/2 and 1/4 bows.
  20. I agree...Santa Cruz's got to be the rocky hard purple shcmizzle dawg though hahaha. SC isn't taking any norhay either..tons of that floatin around. You CAN get that for 22 or whatever. Nobody I know wants that maybe but I don't go there...
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