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how much weed can you put in butter?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by mikeb437, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. i made some butter out of my vaped weed and it was great! but i'd like to know how much weed it TOO MUCH for 1 stick of butter? id like to make my next batch as potent as possible but im not sure if 1 stick of butter will hold the thc from more than a quarter ounce of good weed. will i be wasting weed if i put in maybe a half ounce of weed to 1 stick of butter? is there any kinda measurments as far as weed to butter ratio? thanks for the help!
  2. norcal215

    norcal215 Garden of Dreams Seed Co

    how making butter works, you need to get the real butter that has the highest sat. fat content, because like how our bodys work its the same the thc binds to the fat of the butter, i ten to make my cannabudder super potent, i use a 1/4 of duff and trim to 1lb of budder i fill my crock pot up 1/2 way with water add the butter and the trim slow cook it for 12 hrs them strain it through 2 wire screen colenders i dont use the cheese cloth because it absorbs the liquid thc, i strain it into a pyrex pan then throw it in the fridge, after it seperates and solidifys i put her into a bowl for later cooking my bakeables
  3. i know the process to make the butter,,my question is how much good weed will 1 stick of butter hold? the usual is 1/4 ounce of weed to 1 stick of butter. ( from what i've seen ) now if i put 1/2 ounce of weed into a stick, will all the thc absorb into the butter or will there be leftover thc the the fat doesnt absorb..
  4. Blaze


    That's a good question and one i don't think anyone has a definite answer too. I use a ration of a 12 grams of shake to 1 stick of butter, which equates to a quarter pound of shake to 2 1/2 pounds butter per batch. Some people do a much higher ratio though - I've seen some folks do as much as 1 oz of shake to 1 stick of butter. Hard to say what the maximum saturation point is but I think you could at least double or triple the amount of shake you are using.
  5. thefabman

    thefabman Premium Member Supporter

    4 lbs of butter, water and 6oz ground bud in crockpot on warm for 4-5 days..... 1 cookie kicks your ass!!
  6. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    I am with you. I read the above posts levels and I thought there must be something wrong with me. Though you seem to have about 4x more patience then me. I run mine for 18 hours.JK

    Edit: maybe its me I thought you had 4 sticks.
    I use 100 grs of bud and tray scraping for 4 sticks of butter.
    The left over water we run for 6 hours with 1.5 sticks. We use that to make a batch of pasta. This is mild compared to the first batch.
  7. Blaze


    Yeah but at what point are you wasting time and bud? I've done batches for as long as 3 days and there was a zero potency increase vs the 18-24 hour batches.

    In my totally non-scientific experiments I never saw much of an increase in potency when exceeding the ratio of 1 oz per stick which is close to what JK recommends.

    If you really want to up the potency on your edibles use hash or hash oil - at that point the sky is the limit.
  8. Too Much now thats funny........
  9. thefabman

    thefabman Premium Member Supporter

    To get a good cure on bud it take a number of weeks to burn off chlorophyl. It is the same with decarbing, it takes time. Low heat for a long period to get the chemical conversion process..
  10. so 1 ounce per stick would be the max.. got it. thanks blaze!
  11. TorGfy


    One ounce per stick is certainly not the max. Truly, laboratory testing is the only way to see what levels of cannabinoids are left in the post-extract material. Anybody have a med card and a lab close at hand? Let's get some actual data...
  12. i do mine 40 grams of good trim to 2 sticks for one hour at a very low simmer. a buddy of mine that supplies clinics does his for 18 hours and honestly my butter is just as potent. only difference is my cookies have a minty flavor and his taste like hash oil. i've always used dried and cured material, so the only chemical process i worry about is extraction.
  13. Blaze


    One hour at a low temperature like a simmer will only extract a small percentage of the THC:
  14. I do 2 hrs Hi and 6 hrs. low with my crockpot
    2ozs per 1 Lb butter and 4 cups of water.
    Hi on mine is about 220 Degrees and on low it's around 170-180 Degrees.
    looking at the chart I'm pretty close to it.
  15. am i the only one that does not use water?

    I just use a stick of butter for every oz of trim

    I simmer in the crock pot for about 4 or 5 hours and strain it and freeze back into sticks
  16. NoOne21


    so if i put an ounce of shake per pound of butter, my edibles wont be strong?
  17. for most butter thats going to be like 2-3 oz of bud it should maxx out one table spoon

    1 stick can contain about 12-24 ounces of high grade

    for coconut oil not to be confused with coconut butter... coconut oil can hold about 5-8 ounces of good bud per table spoon

    one stick of coconut oil (8tbspn) can contain about 22-49 ounces of high grade

    heyaw! :banana1sv6:

  18. You would need to have pure THC on hand to find the true answer to this question. Absorptivity will be different in different brands of butter as well. Finding out solubility limits is actually pretty tedious work, many trials under different conditions required as solubility varies with temperature, pressure, and other things like how many unwanted chemicals are present in a strain. Since you're working with bud there would be surface area variability between different strains, an even buds in each batch. Because using bud confounds this experiment yet buds are the practical medium--knowing this answer is both incredibly difficult and/or unhelpful.