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How to attach film to greenhouse

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by lostcoastTHC, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Although I still have many other questions, this one is one of my concern: How to attach the film on to the greenhouse? This will be on a custom made 50' x 100' greenhouse all out of wood. A lot of materials will be needed. What methods have worked best for you? All I can come up with is either stapling or stapling with a nailed 1x2 on top of the nails for added support.
  2. any way you do it you should have lots of duct tape. My greenhouse last year needed repair all the time. the wood over the top will help it from tearing as easily but like a said duct tape.
  3. in the uk we use poly tunnels and to put the film ova that we dig a small trench all around the base, 10-12 inches deep and the same width
    start by burying 1 side of the film in a trench then pull the rest of the film right ova thr frame and bury in the trench opposite, make sure its tight (be sure to do it on a hot day so when the temps drop the film will tighten up more and hug the frame) then just duct tape the film where it over laps, no screws or pins this way too

    hope this helps
  4. Look for two products called C-channel and Spring Lock at a greenhouse supply house near you. :rasta2: peace!
  5. The C-Channel and spring locks are the shiiit bro! Just put my boys greenhouse up the other day. 25x50 from farmtek. It only took 3 of us 2 days - with many smoke breaks in between. I'd look into one of the farmtek greenhouses. Cheap and very well put together product. Everything including roll up sides, 120k btu heater, fans, etc etc was under 8k!!
  6. kolah


    I just made a greenhouse and covered it with 6ml greenhouse plastic. "Greenhouse" listed plastic will last about 4 years. The cheap shit (from Wal-Mart) will deteriorate in a year and tears easily. After I bought my 6ml I later found that they make an 11 and 12 ml thick greenhouse plastic. Once my stuff wears out I will go with the 12ml. And I plan to put another layer of plastic on the inside as well.

    It will be easier to hire helper and do it on a calm day.(pay him or her in buds or beer) Keep the plastic taught and staple it. Then use fur strips (1x2's or even thinner stuff) to secure it down. I cut my own fur strips out of 2x4's with my table saw to save money. A 2x4 is actually 1 1/2" by 3 1/2." If you cut your fur strips 1/2" thick you can get 7 fur strips out of one 2x4. A 2x4 runs about 2 bucks so thats a hellava lot cheaper than buying pre cut 1x2's from HD or Lowes shithouses.

    Try to keep your plastic in big sheets as it's easier to work with and looks better too. My greenhouse was 10x12 so I ordered my 6ml plastic in a 12 foot width. (the piece I bought was 12x55 and I paid 90 bucks). I unfolded one end of the plastic, laid in on the ground and stapled the plastic to a 12 foot long 2x4. This will hold the plastic down as you lay the board along one side of the house. I then measured how many feet I needed to go up one 5 foot wall, over my 2 rafters (6 foot each=12 feet) and then another 5 foot down the other wall. I added an additional foot of plastic and then wrapped and stapled that to another 2x4x12. With the one 2x4x12 resting on the ground, lift the other 12 foot 2x4 over the wall, up and over the roof and down the other sidewall. Roll it up tightly but gently and let the 2x4x12 lay on the ground. The weight of the boards will keep the plastic pulled relatively tight. Just line up your edges and then start tacking it down tight by working from the centers and stretching it as you staple. Either nail or screw down the fur strips. I prefer screws as it is easier to remove the fur strips should you have to change/replace plastic later on.

    Before you drape the plastic make sure there are no sharp edges (wood splinters, nails etc) or the plastic will find them and you'll be pissed.

    Do it right the first time or your plastic will be shredded after the first windand you will be doing it all over again. The hell with all those c-clips and other gadgets. They cost a bundle. BTW, I stretched and installed all my plastic by myself AND on a windy day. Using the 2x4x12's as anchors made it easy.

    You got a pretty big structure 50'x100'. Make sure you build it structurally sound. I live up in the Rocky Mts and winds get pretty nasty here. the "average made" greenhouse wouldnt survive up here so I beefed up the shit out of mine. If you have questions or want to post me pics, feel free to do so.

    Heres mine:
  7. kolah


    Notice some of the bracing supports I used to beef this sucker up. Notice the diagonal cross braces on the front of the house. And the two long ones on the back. Also note the cross ties fastened horizontally to the rafters. Also notice the 2x4's fastened halfway up the side walls. This sonofabitch will survive a Cat 5 hurricane. This cost me about 500 bucks in lumber and 90 bucks for the plastic. Throw in nails, screws, staples, etc and it came to about 700 bucks total. Those cheapy aluminum already built greenhouses wouldn't hold a candle to this baby...and would cost much more..especially after having to buy all their other gadgets they will sell you (c-clips, j-clips, asshole clips, douchebag clips, sealers,etc)
  8. "Kolah" great looking greenhosue you have there! Very impressive! When you can, wrap it with Solexx...Well worth the $ 15 year warrenty mold and fungus proof and so on, just the right amount of light for the girls. Insulated too, for your region I would go with the 5mm.