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How to clean bubblebags?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by CannabisSativa, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. I lent my bags out to someone who didnt clean them and now they're all caked up and not wanting to come clean by hand washing them.

    Should I put them in the washing machine? Use soap or not, hot or cold water , etc.. ?

    How should I clean them?
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  2. TMack


    soak them in isopropyl alcohol(99%)
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  3. really iso i use the hot shower..
  4. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    fucking people - these are the same kinda "friends" that get all pissed if you dont lend them your stuff - lol

    hot water and dawn soap might work - isopropyl alcohol with deteriorate the material...

    personally Id make my friend buy me new ones.
  5. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Premium Member Supporter

    yep what rollin j said... Fucking people... i wouldn't use alcohol either. If my buddy ruined my 20 gallon 8 bag set, he would be replacing them.. I consider them bags ruined imo, but then again I am really picky now about bubble>>>> Then again I wouldn't lend them mguillicutty's out.. I would have him bring the trim over to my place.. Then split it with my 50/50

    Sorry about your luck
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  6. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

  7. yeh i got the same kinda "friends" that killed my bags,
    i read in a post on one of the forums that a guy used olive oil with excellent results...thinking about using ill let ya'll know
  8. Tobor the 8th Man

    Tobor the 8th Man Moderator Supporter

    They are not ruined. The oil will work. I use olive oil and then rinse with somewhat hot water. Then warm water and dish soap will wash the oil away.

    I also used alcohol a few times when I didn't have oil. It won't hurt the bags just one time or 2. It might not at all.

    If you use alcohol you can use it to dry out for iso hash.

    Cross that friend of the lending list.
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  9. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Premium Member Supporter

    good luck, still a bummer as bags should never get that way... After each pull go hose it out and rinse well inside and out>>>>doing this will keep your bags nice and clean for years to come.. Again me meself>>> I would buy a new set.. Trying to scrape the shit off the fine mesh would make me weary about ruining the micron screen being making them holes bigger for contaminants to run threw and mess up any chances of full melt.. There should be no scrubbing involved..
    I would be tempted to put the bag in the freezer for a day and hopefully it crumble off making rinsing easier.. or just try soaking them in some mild dishsoap and water for 24 hours hopefully it will loosen back up.. Just a thought as I was trained by the finest.

    Definitely dont lend em out in the future:icon_cookie:
  10. Yes, that messed up. I dont borrow anything unless i have to and I always return it in better shape than when I got it, when possible.
    I would take a hot shower with the bags. lol Try to steam it clean.
  11. Purkle

    Purkle Premium Member Supporter

    Someone needs to invent the bubble bag cleaner! I have fell victim to the loaning to a friend deal. Bad idea w th3 bags.
  12. Blaze


    I would not recommend using hot water to ever clean off your screens - it can cause some of the resins to permanently clog the screen over time if you are not careful. Try olive oil and cold water.

    Cleaning them immediately after use with cold water is always your best bet, and will help preserve your bags.
  13. l33t


    "Cleaning them immediately after use with cold water is always your best bet"

    yep cold water is the best
  14. Time

    Time Guest

    Clean them as well as possible with hot water then use rubbing alcohol. Bubblebags dot com sez to use alcohol...
  15. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    hot water and alcohol the worst 2 things for your bags...

    bubblebags dot com must want to sell you more bubblebags - lol
  16. Blaze


    Agreed..... You will have to replace your bags much sooner if you use hot water and alcohol.
  17. Rolln J

    Rolln J Guest

    alcohol dry rots things, plain and simple.
  18. when i "used" to use BBags i used 91% isop and a tooth brush, all the time no problems ever
    maybe the off brand fall a part.......
    i dunno lol
  19. Blaze


    Well, it depends on how frequently you use your bags as well. I use mine quite a bit and have had them for about 4 years now and they still look brand new. Part of the reason for that is that they have never been cleaned with anything except cold water and have never sat for more than a minute or two before being cleaned.
  20. mal

    mal Premium Member Supporter

    wash bags

    i generally rinse my bags after each use, but every once in a while, especially if there is a little slightly mouldy weed in the mix, i'll put my bags in the sink with 1-2 gal.of warm water and i add approximaterly 1/2 a bottle of iso alcohol. i let each bag sit in the sink for a couple of minutes gently pushing down and turning the bag over thru this water alcohol mixture, and when the material/screens look clean i rinse the bag thoroughlyand hang to dry. this seems to remove anything weedy.