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How To Find Online Grower Info For Outdoor Tree Strains?

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by tj Wise, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. tj Wise

    tj Wise

    Where do you get online information for outdoor strains? How do you search, what search terms do you use? Are there specific sites?

    I am investigating these strains for outdoor in Southern Oregon:

    The Doctor
    Purple Widow
    Lemon Skunk
    Moby Dick
    White Shark
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  2. Use Google or your search bar here. I would say the best strains in Oregon are Indica dom, fast flowering, compact.
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  3. tj Wise

    tj Wise

    Of course I use google and I search here. I've spent dozens of hours doing that. It's just not that easy to find good info. Most information is for smokers. What is for growers is usually for indoor. So far every time they say "indoor and outdoor" they mean indoor, and they spent 5 seconds thinking about outdoor. Unreliable.

    One technique found all the strain reviews one two good sites:

    the site:

    Those were good, but this didn't work very well, is there a better way?

    outdoor site:

    I anyone has more advice beyond using google, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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  4. Lol, I looked up half those strains on Google, and tells both parents and flowering time. Maybe you had a parental filter on when you searched for "hours" on Google. Not hating, look a little harder, ppl aren't going to do all the digging for you.
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  5. But for shits and giggles, I found most of them on seedfinder, shows genealogy.
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  6. tj Wise

    tj Wise

    Okay, so what other strains do you suggest that will have biggest yields for outdoors? Not "pretty big" but the top 10?
  7. tj Wise

    tj Wise

    But seriously, I don't expect anyone to dig for me. Notice that I shared the precise details for how I searched. And I listed the top strains I had found so far. I found some good websites, and I'm looking for more. Some people are happy to share their tips and tricks, others are not, and still others don't have anything special.
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  8. Hey can anyome help me out my leaves are curling down and everything turning purplish
  9. Grown from seed... Also these are super cropped and topped no nutrients under 600 watt hps 3 feet from the plants with 2 100 watt led 6-8 inches from the plants. I mix molasis with thier water and some orange and banana peel but thats about all. Humidity mostyly between 40-58. Im actually going a lil low on temps i keep them around 65-78 F° night go as low as 45 degrees and their light schedule is 19/5
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  11. So generally most huge plants are grown from seed. Clones get massive as well but for some reason seed starts can get to unbelievable sizes. Check out massiveseeds on Instagram. As far as commercial clones go. Blue dream and snow cap are the two biggest producers that are the easiest to grow. I also like romulon. Green crack is a faster finish that could be good if you have early rains.
  12. IMG_2335.PNG This isn't my own picture.