How to keep Boar away from plants and me

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by dailychronic, May 7, 2010.

  1. dailychronic

    dailychronic New Farmer

    So I was in the woods and as I'm leaving what is running through the woods? A boar, when I yelled it changed it's path (thankfully) but how do I keep this big guy away from me and my plants? I know they will attack sometimes. I would hate to be the asshole who got killed by a hog near his plants or to have the big guy just walk through my plants.
  2. nor cali farmer

    nor cali farmer New Farmer

    44 mag make my day
  3. Midnight_son

    Midnight_son Premium Farmer

    44 MAGNUM!!:character0110: LOL. Seriously though, thats gonna be a tall order. Iv'e heard those fuggers are very tennaciuos.
  4. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Moderator Staff Member

    If you don't want to muck around with a gun (and with a big boar I'm not sure I wouldn't), perhaps have a bunch of firecrackers on hand. Or have a good dog with you.

    That can be scary, pigs, big pigs, are fucking strong.
  5. altitudefarmer

    altitudefarmer Well-Known Farmer

    A big pig will eat your dog; be cautious.
  6. Mr_Marley_Jim

    Mr_Marley_Jim Farmer

    You need a game dog bro... Some true a.p.b.t...

    But a good size... Not a pocket pit...

    I got a 63lb dog twice bred off Garner's Rosco, pure Eli...

    He's an absolute tank, strongest dog I've ever seen.

    I'd put him up against a boar 3 times his size anyday...

    And get yourself a good knife! Fuck the 44!

    You're makin me want to go hoggin!
  7. Depends on what kinda dogs you got.. We got them foreal hog dogs at the King KOng Camp.. Depends on how thick they are in your area.. you can try to clean them out.. or when planting be sure to look for hog sign.. if you see sign that their in there keep moving.. and like Altitude said its not uncommen to loose even a good dog to a hog.. So tote a knife and or pistol..
  8. Dirty White Boy

    Dirty White Boy Well-Known Farmer

    REPELLOWIT or Mountain Lion urine. But honestly there is no way to stop em, sometimes repellents pull wild boar in, there fucking nasty gross little animals, lol. My choice is a 30-30 or 30-06.
  9. foolsgold

    foolsgold Guest

    not a great idea to carry a gun on you while checking your plants. thats not a good charge to have.(you necer know), but i would set up traps and snare is piggly ass and eat em.
  10. LeroyBrown

    LeroyBrown Farmer

    And aim true...i shot a wild hog with my buddies 44 mag..Hit it in the shoulder blade and pissed it off real good...
  11. LeroyBrown

    LeroyBrown Farmer

    Jim your a crazy motherfucker... my Princess was a working hog dog... Ive seen dogs lock on and my buddy use his Bowie to end a hog.... Shit was got brass balls...
  12. andy107

    andy107 New Farmer

  13. Mr_Marley_Jim

    Mr_Marley_Jim Farmer

    That right ther is how it's done son!

    Go on and stick yourself a hog!

    I'm getting so FRIGGIN PUMPED!!!

    Now where's my knife? Hahaha
  14. KushArmy

    KushArmy Premium Farmer

    A P B T HOORAH MOTHERFUCKER!!! There is no other dog i would trust my life too, 90 pounds of seething, focused fury:whew watch out boar!
  15. SkyHi

    SkyHi New Farmer

    You guys are fucking crazy man, i love it!!!!! crocodile dundee on that ass

    Edit: thanks alot now i must have a corso mastiff
  16. Mr_Marley_Jim

    Mr_Marley_Jim Farmer

    Let's get a hunt goin!!! Who's up for Nacimiento??? LOL!

    Tis' the season!
  17. SkyHi

    SkyHi New Farmer

    Lets goooo ....i want to try and stab a bitch i been stressed out lol
  18. dailychronic

    dailychronic New Farmer

    Lol cmon on down guys we can have a group hog hunt, then BBQ, with blunts and joints through out they day while we peep my collection of og raskal and Cali connection strains
  19. foolsgold

    foolsgold Guest

    i'll bring the beer
  20. Where do I sign up.. I bring the dogs.. they just waitn for the command.. cut vest and collars and bongs are loaded