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How to Purge BHO without a vaccum chamber

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by BongAkaDrew, Jul 20, 2014.

Is it possible to get a shatter like consistency without a vacuum pump ?

Poll closed Jul 27, 2014.
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  1. yes i'm fairly new to the BHO I've read a lot of information about making and purging but i can't find any information on how to do small personal batched like 10 grams nothing big. i don't have the spare cash right now to get a vacuum chamber so what other ways can i purge it I've seen putting it in a oven after putting hot water under it and letting most of the butane boil off but i'm not sure if that's the safest way or not i just want to enjoy some shatter or something close to it please help me any information would be greatly appreciated i plan on getting a vacuum pump once bills allow me to lol.
  2. Brenji


    yes there are a few different ways. the main idea is just to get the product at a safe purging temperature, so there are a few different ways of doing this. the hot water method is commonly used and is fairly safe. you can also just put a heating matt under it or some people use those pancake griddles. safe temperatures for shatter will be around 95-120 degrees but a lot of people disagree on what temperature will start to burn off turpines. but i never go past 115-120 just because its what i believe to be safe. theres a TON of great information on youtube as well so be sure to check that out!
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  3. Put the Glass dish you sprayed into onto a Griddle maintain even temps try and keep it below 120.. You can help speed the process up by popping the bubbles with a pin/dabber whatever.. Try not to stir it.. Once most of the reactions done scrape transfer to parchment and back on the heat, keep it there spread out thin.. Purge till complete or whip it up and let it dry to enjoy budder wax whutever it turns into :D

    Without a vac and 10 GRAMS...... at one time your gonna spend all day/night and a good portion of the next day trying to purge that.

    I wouldn't do much more then a cpl grams at one time without a vac tbh.

  4. funny you would mention that i was thinking that myself i got a 4g tube today so i think i will attempt my first run i'd like something like shatter just so i can put it in my micro g if not i'll just use my rig . i personally just want something i can smoke and ain't gotta worry about going bad or anything i got silicone holders & mats and all that i know i can't blast on them but ya i ain't a pro but i'm not one to just jump into something without reading murmurous blogs watching videos and researching all i can so I've watched a lot of videos i'm going to eventually get a vacuum pump just can't afford it yet. i appreciate all the feedback and help i will post some pics its not going to be great quality sense this is my first attempt i don't wanna use my bubba kush so i got some wtf ever for 35 i call it that cause its some cheap stuff lol i'd never smoke unless i'm desperate it gives ya a buzz but the taste is horrible i know the oil will have some of the taste too but i figure to experiment my first time i'll use it if anything at least the concentrate will be stronger then the dried herbs.

    i attached a pic of my tube i say its about 4 to 5mm glass to pretty thick and sturdy. was 12.95 on ebay used my ibidsnipper program to bid at the last secong lol
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  5. i will diffrently look into getting a griddle thanks again all information is appreciated
  6. was last thing was was just thinking sense i'm doing small amounts like mentioned about 4g do you think a small hot plate like a coffee warmer would work if i put it on parchment paper or the silicone mat after a long heat bath ? just thinking ain't got a griddle so will do a heat bath at least so will be posting something might look horrible might look ok we will see lol thanks again as always keep the nail hot or the bong packed witch ever you like or when possible do both :)
  7. The 20 dollar griddles are worth it. It's still what I use to this day while I'm spraying outside. It's the easiest way to keep my thin film water between two dishes from freezing doing 2lb runs of trim +
  8. WEAR GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those Glass ones have a tendency of breaking in peoples hands.... Id hate to see you cut yer self up real good..
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  9. Oh thanks for the advice. That Pyrex is sharp too. I'm lucky I haven't had it happen yet, damn. Thanks :)
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  10. yea i had the gloves ready lol got a old test tube holder from a old chemistry set somewhere i'm going to look for it later on
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  11. i actually have a griddle ain't sure how good it is but i got one lol just need the laser thermometer
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  12. I could touch 110 without too much discomfort as well I noticed
  13. well i did a small run turned out pretty good i think for being some crappy starting material i wasn't expecting miracles lol I've tried to insert pics but i can't get it to work i tried to copy the image url and the html code i have them on Photobucket when i figure it out i'll share some pics
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  14. I sure as fuck wouldn't smoke BHO that hadn't really vac purged. Playing with some strongly carcinogenic fire there. Just not worth the risk IMHO.
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  15. vacuum purge / heat purge can be just as effective when done properly trust me i didn't just see a youtube video and a form and say that looks good I've researched the crap out of it if i do anything bigger then a 4g run then yes i would get vacuum chamber but 4g and under a heat purge a griddle and i'm good to go. also there are medical dispensaries in Michigan that sell heat purge only bho. i know this because a friend of a friend sells to one and he only does the heat purge method i also asked him for advice this form and a lot of other just to be safe before i preceded plus if you would of seen how thin of a layer after only a heat purge you would of laughed i might have got a gram if i got that. :)
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  16. Ever had your BHO lab tested for impurities left over from the butane? Would need both vacuum purged and heated purged tested to really be telling.
  17. There's some good info by gray wolf on skunk pharm. there's a way to tell and it relies on the bubbles formed. I always wait till they are gone and at full vacuum at 5 microns or less with a lab pump at 44 Celsius. Once they are smaller, like tiny they are terpenes. Which is a way to take it heat purging
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  18. Interesting, I did not know that. I've never really played with BHO much, so hadn't looked deeply into all the various methods. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. What process did you use to purge? Did you use the griddle? I just did my first run, my tube holds 7gs, and when I put my material on my silpat on the griddle it seemed to dry up. Did this happen to you? How long was your secondary purge? I've attached pics of my oil after the water bath evap, and my finished product. Is this similar to what you were seeing?
  20. noone88


    offtopic a bit, but I finally did get a vac chamber and pump and wow, it makes a huge difference. It's worth it to get it, even the cheaper ones sold on ebay (the pot and lid with rubber gasket).
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