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Hugo Blocks /Rockwool

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Steel Erection, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. I run E & F tables. I've only used hydroton and pots. This round I stuck a coco mat on the bottom of one table and used bigger pots. I see a lot of people are using the big Hugo Blocks or 6 x 6 Rockwool on top of the coco mat. Can someone tell me the process involved with using big blocks like this. From the From Cloning to -veg / flower. I really like the clean look of it and the ease of use. Just chop, roll up the mat, disinfect the table and drop a new mat in and your ready to go. No washing or disinfecting stone. Not having to have 3- 44 gallon brute garbage cans full of stones around. It all sounds good. SE
  2. Easyrasta

    Easyrasta Guest

    First you take clones in the one inch cubes
    when they root, you treat the hugo blocks in your bath tube with ph corrected water.
    then you put the clones in the hugos
    keep the light way up high while they acclimate, about a day or so
    then either flood and drain or drip feed.
    best of luck
  3. Do I have to use rockwool cubes to clone? Could I use Oasis cubes to clone and put the Oasis cubes into the Hugo Blocks. Also Rockwool retains a lot of water correct? How many times a day would I flood a table and how far up the cube?-SE
  4. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    once you have the cuts in the hugos you will want to hand water them until roots come out the bottom - then you will have better success with flooding

    as far as how many times a day that is gonna depend on how big your plants get - usually once a day is fine - like any other medium dont over water

    I prefer top dripping on hugos - they dont get as saturated - and you can feed them more often

    as far as how high to flood 2/3 should be fine

    never used the oasis starters but that sould be ok in a hugo cube
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I may give it a run in a 4 x 4.-SE