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I Need Better Nutes

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by sweetolmaryjane, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone, i am looking for ideas on some best of the best nutes. i wanna step my game up and grow some high quality buds. i feel like if i add a few things to my base nutes it may help me with yield and quality. currently using dutch nutrients A and B. i have a set for GRO and a set for BLOOM. but i havent been using anything in addition to the A&B. Any recommendations would help a lot. just looking for things that you know work
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  2. NGA


    They usually have 300 gram packs for free,been usin this for a year ,it’s a powder ,sellers Canada & USA 620839F7-7862-4941-B6EE-F34DE6CB3D7C.png
  3. Leew421


    Check out veg-bloom
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  4. hawkman


    Humbolts County Owns' full line very good can get their full line sample pack for under $65.00) for chemical nutrients look at Advanced Nutrients there are many, many companies Green Planet is another
    use in whole grow or just in bloom ? because of the 9-6-17 is used in flower need more "N" in veg
  5. I only use pure blend pro grow. I have not found additives neccessary in potting soil.

    I may switch back to botanicare kind base and grow. Some strains will benefit from backing off the nitrogen in mid to late flower. And the kind has the calcium nitrate in its own bottle so it is customizable.
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  6. hawkman


    Agree ! botanicare has a good line also - good you found something that works for you
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  7. Thats the key! Find nutes that work with your source water and medium.

    I never worry about ph with my well water or nutes.

    Ever since i learned about alkalinity and nitrogen types and the effect on ph over time i only test ph of a new mix before planting. Havent adjisted anything in 4 years.
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  8. NGA


    [QUOTE="hawkman, post:

    use in whole grow or just in bloom ? because of the 9-6-17 is used in flower need more "N" in veg[/QUOTE]
    Used veg & bloom ,
  9. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I would just caution you that "adding things" doesn't necessarily amount to better quality or higher yield. I used House & Garden for many years, they offer a dozen additives and I used every one of them, thinking that was key to success. I switched to Veg+Bloom, which is a very simple system with only a few components and the results are just as good or better.
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  10. I couldnt agree more. When i first started i i used general organics grow box. Half the shit in there is useless. I had so many additives before, and i trial and error most of them away. The last few grows have just been straight up A n B. But i do know for a fact some of the additives do work. Bloom enhancers. Nectars. I am aware of what you are saying. In my experience less is more. That being said. I do want to add some good things to my grow..
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  11. I’ve switched a few times. Barely makes a diff tho.
    I’m using medi 1 and molasses and seaweed for veg and maxibloom for flower with bio bud and a random pk booster(once mayybe twice per plant). Bit o cal mag here and there. Been flirting with silicates.
    Honestly if was only using medi and maxi, without the rest, it would be fairly similar results lol
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  12. I have been using advanced big bud along side of my gh and I love it but it’s all I have tried
  13. Nice. I used to use flora nectar as a sweetener. Untill i found out it was bascially molasses. Which obviously is way cheaper. You use it in Veg too?the
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  14. I love me some big bud. I might try the powder this time around
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  15. You can get powder!?
    Also I use molasses every second or third waterin all the way through except last week or so. I water my own down like 1/4 strength in a bottle so I don’t have to measure lol. I just shclooop an approximation in the gallon
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  16. "Just adding things" is a recipe for "what's wrong with my plant" posts.

    I use Botanicare Pro veg and bloom outdoors, General Hydroponics trio indoors (hydro). No additives, and I do as well as anyone I know.
  17. Silica is prob the best thing to add if you aren't using it currently. Night and day. Agsil is the best choice. If you want bottled get Protekt. As far as what nutes are better.? Flip the bottles over next time you are at the store. They all pretty much have the same thing in them with a ton of water added to it. Just the colorful labels and prices are different. Skip on the Big Bud and buy 20 lbs of MPK (mono potassium phosphate) for pretty much less then a buck a lb and its the same thing.

    Molasses works as a "bloom booster" cause of the Mg in it. Cheaper to use Epsom Salt (plus you get the added sulfur - the 2 best things to use as a "bloom booster") unless you are trying to feed microbes in soil.
  18. you can get both powder and liquid. and from what i was told at the hydro store, you can use both together
  19. You might be thinking koolbloom from gh. There’s powder and liquid. Biobud I’m pretty sure is only in liquid form.