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I Think I Need More Light In My Room, Should I Add Led?

Discussion in 'L.E.D Grow Lights' started by Zepher, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Zepher


    It looks like I need more light to increase my yield. I was looking into adding led lights, any advice on upgrading my lighting? I'm running cmh so far.
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  2. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    What is your budget? Your space dimensions? Current wattage of lights? Are you a diy person or plug and play?
  3. Zepher


    Im not sure the budget yet but I want something worth buying, and i know that will cost me. That's why I'm asking questions first.4.5x9 I'm running a 120v cmh off of my jacuzzi tub connection. I'm not the best at building things lol so plug and play would be best. Heat is always the worry tho.
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  4. Well budget becomes a big time player then. You can add plug and play kits from places like rapidled or go with a quantum board setup. Or you could add another CMH. If all you want to do is add more light to the existing I believe rapid led has single cob plug and play kits that are about 100 watts. Basically anything with samsung diodes, or named bridgelux or cree are solid. Those are mostly DIY lights but again places like rapidled sells them preassembled.

    If you have the money you could also go fluence. Or a closed hood CMH to vent the hot air better
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  5. Or learn how to top and Fim better and get a better canopy
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  6. Many people are now switching to Quantum Boards and COBs, and away from blurple LEDs.
    Quantum Boards deliver spread out light from a large surface, and COBs behave more like spotlights.
    I use both, and blurple in separate tents, and the plants like QB and COB better than blurple.
    Horticulture Lighting Group is a good source for QBs, and is a good source for COBs.
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  7. Idk I still think the combo of purple led and white or yellow light works best.
  8. Highkev


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  9. Zepher


    Thank you for your advice, I do need to top/ fim better next time. I was a little too worried during that passe lol. Also, what thoughts do you all have in the spydr from fluence? Thinking maybe I'll replace my lite with that.
  10. Fluence is fantastic if you have the money. Especially if you're a newer grower, they have fantastic customer support. For the cost I would personally go the route of quantum boards. I really couldn't tell you which was better, probably fluence since I believe they add more spectrums.

    That being said they use the same exact led diodes fluence just adds different kelvins
  11. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    Please stay on the topic of the threads you post in.
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