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ice water hash .vs. butane extracted hash

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by bicycle racer, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. what are peoples feelings on the pros and cons of these two methods for hash i almost exclusively make bho with trim and undesirable buds its quick and easy for me the only drawback is having to purchase butane. im planning on making a big batch of hash soon with whole plants from a purposeful seed production grow. anyways any oppinions of these two methods welcome.:icon_cookie:
  2. I'm a fan of the oil myself... The finished product is much more desireable in my opinion...

    Ice water hash is a little easier to make though (and less dangerous, lol) and yields significantly more...

    Regardless, I'm stickin with butane...
  3. By the way... What do you ride? (cycling) You a roady? I'm a cyclist myself, but I've been all about Mountain Biking the last few years... Still hit the pavement every so often but I'm havin a love affair with the trails!

    It's nice to see a fellow bike enthusiast on the farm!
  4. im a roadie yes my main bike is a specialized tarmac sl 2006 great bike. like you said good to see other cyclists around here. see i feel the butane is so easy and safe if outdoors the only drawback i feel is having to buy quality butane. i was considering the gumby method of ice hash and also was going to use dry ice as well as normal ice that would really brink the temps down farther than what can be done with normal ice. also the bubbling would help dislodge trichromes.
  5. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    i switched to butane oil from all other ways of getting high off weed cuz it can be vaporized completely in large hits. hash doesnt do this so well as i have seen in any method. if it did i would want to try it, so if anyone finds a good way share the info. :)
  6. I've never heard of anyone using dry ice but that sounds like a great idea! And I hear you on the quality butane (quantity too...)...

    Be sure to let us know what you decide on and the results too, obviously!

    Bitchin bike by the way! The tarmac's are so nimble! That'll be my next roadbike for sure... And it's all about Specialized! Thats awesome! My mountain bike is their Enduro expert! Best bike manufacturer hands down...
  7. they are some of the best bikes made imo. like you said nimble very nimble especially in corners at high speed feels safe and predictable more so than any other i have owned. never heard of dry ice being used either just something i thought was a good idea that would work well in conjunction with ice. yeah hash masta im with you on that i only vape and bho vapes wonderfully where other hashes are trickier to vape. i put a little bho mixed with some herb it works great you get many good tasty hits.
  8. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    i just got a new rocky mountain trailhead. very nice as well :)
  9. so most so far prefer bho.
  10. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    ya i switched to oil, from hash and weed.
  11. I to prefer the oil.
    I did bubble bag's for year's but still could not get ot as perfect as oil.
    Though subcool has some directoin's and method's for bubblebag hash.
    And man it is as clean and pure as any oil's i have seen.
    I used to ride 50 miles 4 to 5 time's a weak.
    Some how got hooked on ciggarette's after quting for 8 years.
    So for over 4 year's my road and mountain bike's are hanging.
    They are both Cannondale's and I love them. I must stop this retarded habbit and get back on them.
  12. Well it looks like theres only 3 of us gettin in on this but yeah...

    BHO over Bubble, especially if you're vape'n'it...
  13. Yeah for now I soke some nuggies and put in the easyvape.
    Oh the day I get kut-vape. It will be glorious.
    By then i will hopefully be smoking only oil from bud's.
    I mostly use sugar leaf now. But I am really picky about what I consider sugar leaf.
  14. I like smoking water hash, I think its a better smoke.. The flavor and act of the smoke is very enjoyable to me and I think water hash lends itself better.. BHO is stronger but..

    On that note I have a batch of ISO in my fridge waiting for me, lol
  15. BHO all the way, i prefer the totally medicated hit!!
  16. I prefer water-extracted/bubble hash over butane extracted. Can't seem to get all of the butane out, usually has a weird chemical smell. I use king butane its the best I have found from past experiences. I just made some bubble and it is the best run so far, it is so sticky and ply-able, it bubbles like no other and tastes super sweet. Also! no flare ups, that usually happen when I make bho, even when I try my hardest to get rid of all the butane.

    I was getting kind of sad never getting true bubble from my bags, but yesterday made my day! Just about every bag from the 8 bag kit ( besides the 220) bubbles! I got some dark black looking stuff and some caramel / brown looking grade. Just great.
  17. i wouldnt suggest using King!!!!! look at your oil thru a 20x lupe or higher youll see crystal like specs wich is unfiltered butane , if you have to use king put some carbon in the top of your tube to "help" filter the butane

    Vector or Colibret seems to be cleanest in this area....

    oh yeah .. i like to mix my bubble with oil ummmm yummie there few shots in gallery of some mix's
  18. TMack


    NOTHING is as pure as using filtered water and ice for extraction!, bubble all the way!!!
  19. Damn! thought KING was the better of what I have tried. Will probably try the vector or colibret if i see them. Thanks for the heads up! Will check out some oil under the scope asap.
  20. i often use king vector is cleaner though. i purge my bho through stirring daily and other methods its clean after a week or so. as someone mentioned mixing hashes works well one time i had some water extract black domina hash which i mixed with bho that was great. bossman ciggs or not go ride why not makes the high afterwords so much more rewarding.