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Indoor Grow Show, Strain Testing And Elite Strain Cultivation

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by silversurfer, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Got a few 15 lighter rooms to show off, got a room of zookie and a room of sfv OG and wedding cakes 1st 2 pics are the zookie room last 2 pics are of room. OG room pics are taken from a couple weeks ago zookie pics I took today. I popped 20 banana punch seeds from symbiotic genetics and a pack of wedding crashers from them also so I will be pheno hunting those 2 strains withing the next few weeks I am in the process of cloning them now 20181115_124721.jpg 20181115_124709.jpg 20181015_112948.jpg
  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Legit setup. Kudos.
  3. Cant take credit for the setup, I bought into it, I jus own 50 percent but still happy. The guy I am partners with is a real good indoor grower still gets 1500 per unit in cali
  4. NHWhites


    Legit. Looking forward to more
  5. My room
  6. Awesome set up.... looking forward to seeing more of your grow
  7. I'll update regularly, I'll take pics of my mother room and an updated look at the og and wedding cakes soon as possible
  8. Some lowers of the wedding cake 20181117_135830.jpg 20181117_135746.jpg
  9. Jus an update.
  10. I'll take pics tonight when lights are out so u can can an idea of quality. It is zookie and the tall ones in the back are wedding cake
  11. Damn , thats awesome. How many plants do you grow in that room.
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  13. Damn thats awesome, keep up the good work bro. It has too be a lot of work taking care of that many plants .you are doing a great job
  14. That's jus 1 room lol got another room almost ready to harvest. I dont post pics cus the strain is trash and we got PM so it's nothing worth showing. There is a shit pheno of gg4 running around and I got it but it was supposed to be sfv lol all good tho I got fire lined up after we harvest that room. My phone didnt have enough juice to use flash when I was there but I'll snap a light off pic tom
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  15. Nice dude
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  16. Taking pics in a dark room sucks, I took like 20 and these were the best out the bunch. Week 6 zookies 20181207_221155.jpg 20181207_210618.jpg 20181207_210501.jpg
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  17. Short veg?
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  18. 2 week veg after clones root and start growing.if u do long veg in indoor then ur hustling backwards in my opinion
  19. I'll take pics of my 300 clones that are about to get up potted and set up in the empty room. That's the room that imma be testing the banana punch. They look and smell amazing I knownimma find something special in those girls. I also have some gelato 45, wedding cakes. Wedding crasher, and a real nice pheno of gg4 that imma be moming up.
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  20. Veg room and the other 20181208_131704.jpg 20181208_131653.jpg pic is the banana punchs