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Indoor Tree Veg Techniques

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Funkadelic, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Hey all - so aside from strain (more sat than ind, etc), I'm looking for ways to encourage the most stretch and tree structure in veg.

    Trees in open vertical have different needs than stubby horizontal scrogs, of course.

    Veg in a tent with them densely packed, gas lantern timing, 4' bank of t5s now. So far so good.

    What works for you guys to quickly create good stretch?
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  2. I have a problem with not having enough light and not the right spectrum. If you lower/lessen your blue spectrum lighting the plants will start to stretch reaching for it (in veg). A decrease in amount of light intensity AND blue spectrum will make them stretch. Mine are tall and lenthy, they have leaves, but they are pretty bare.. here let me show ya.


    Do you see how bare they are down low? It's because instead of using the little bit of light to produce more leaves, they reached to the light where they would get enough intensity to produce new leaf growth at the rate it needs.
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  3. My go to trick to veg up some trees: two vertical 1k hps two feet apart, 6 plants, and a string of 4 cfl daylight bulbs high above. I run the 2 hps bulbs on 12/12 and the string of 4 cfl on 24/0. (I think of it as a full moon lighting since lantern means a one hour on to split the dark period) It works real good, takes a nice well rooted clone with some branches started about three weeks to turn into a tree prospect.
    Here is a pic after three weeks. (The smaller plants in single pots are seedlings I pushed in to get a little bump in their growth, they come out and I plug the cfl top light into the timer and there's a six pack of trees ready to go) This shows what I call nesting the grow pots, it also works pretty good. The plant is Dutch Treat.
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  4. Don't treat with silica it reduces stretch. Don't know if you are or not but I figured I'd throw it out there.
  5. Back when I grew trees I never really did anything to promote stretch, just a long veg and gave them plenty of space to bush out.

    If you want to promote stretch, you may want to see if you can get your night time temps about 15 to 20 degrees lower than your lights on temps. Also you may want to feed with something that has a really high Nitrogen like Alaskan Fish Fertilizer.
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  6. I like to top my trees at least twice , this way you get bushy trees. That is if you have the space. If you're growing trees you better !! I disagree with not feeding silica , silica will strengthen the stalks and overall plant health. This is important with all plants but especially tall tall trees.
    Peace, love &
    Positive Vibes y'all
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  7. NFT


    lots of rooting space and heat will encourage stretch hydroponics also helps :)
    extra light to light up the space that the plants will stretch into
    not sure how you define "tree" but this plant yielded 28 oz (790g) with 6 weeks veg and 9 weeks flower

    2 weeks 12/12
    5 weeks 12/12
    8 and 9 weeks

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  8. Excellent feedback. Looking at all advice given ...
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  9. I'm switching to veg+bloom too. Veg tent has 4' T5 (8bulb) fixture going. So far so good. Like a lot of these ideas, especially higher N than I ran last time with H3ads Lucas formula. I bet a one time treatment of GA3 would create a big jump, too. ...
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  10. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    what strain was that plant? Nice work BTW!!!
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  11. GOOD find. I read the entry but didn't see the image. Yes, this is for a bloomroom with tall ceilings and open 1100w (on overdrive) hortilux hps.
    So - yes, height helps create area for the vertical trellises.

    I used a lot of silica last round and had massive trunk . They formed walls pointed at the bulbs. Did okay but I'm switching nutes to veg+bloom. Weight not tallied yet but certainly could have done better. Very little stretching despite long veg. They should have gotten more than 5' tall but none did.

    Aiming for height and surface area, if that makes sense?
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  12. NFT


    thanks mate
    it was a freebie from dinafem (ogkush x cheese)
    i have been growing it for the last year now but i am bored of it time to move on
    it has great vigor, the best way to grow it i found was to let the plants veg for a while about 1 to 1.5ft high
    then top most of the growing shoots back so its at an even canopy height then flower straight away after topping most of the top shoots
    this results in all the stretching happening at the canopy level at the same time the plant produces a large amount of
    shoots because of all the topping these all grow into fat branches in direct light

    these 3 clones of kush x cheese yielded 23 oz, a little lower than the large 28 oz plant,
    but the colas were fatter more consistent less foxtailing and these 3 clones took up less space than the 28 oz plant


  13. Thank you guys for helping me out. My bloom room is big, and I veg'ged (partly) using the open verts on 400w.

    Im trying to model after Deacon, who gets monster palm trees on open verts. His appear to hit his ceilings. He's on Heavy 16 though and may (?) have horizontals as well as his vert lighting. Not sure though.

    If DE units didn't boil rooms, I might add a couple, but my a/c is 3-ton so I have to watch heat. Adding 315 cdl lights from BoulderLamp asap.

    My tent is now crowded, which may help. The goal is to minimize downtime or prevent having to veg in the flower room.
    Currently doing gas lantern with 12 on at night for temp control, but maybe should switch that to promote height?
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  14. I didn't know that thank you
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  15. I still treat with silica but if im trying to let my gals fill out during the stretch ill cut silica a week or so before flip.
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  16. I'm using veg+bloom this time and think I will limit silica to what's in it and some foliar if I see any pm
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  17. I used powdered karanja and neem (cakes) .... that may have stunted my girls too, now that I think about it. Hmmmm.

    Gonna limit silica and leave those out of the potting mix/watering.
  18. great thread! I wanna grow some trees now too!
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  19. Already better height this round .... NOT a fan of neemcake/karanja indoor P_20160218_172018.jpg
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  20. Stress training is you friend indoors, I like to break a plant over just above ground level, use pliers to crush 2-3 inches of stem so its soft and bend the whole girl right over. take your time and dont try to crush it soft in one go use a few half strength squeezes.
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