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intake air filter

Discussion in 'DIY Farms' started by tortuga1503, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hey Farmers I got a quick question. What should I use to filter intake air. My room is sealed so I don`t bring any air into my room but this new room has to be inexpensive because we are saving this residence from forclosure so money is tight. Can or will pantyhose work for this tight budget grow? I just need to keep the bugs out. Running 2k, co2,no a/c.Room will run at night only. Thanks for the help
  2. If you want to avoid a 150.00 hepa filter try that white pre-filter material. You know the stuff you put around a carbon filter or house-hold vents. It's all the same stuff. You can find it at the hardware store for a couple bucks. I'd tried pantyhose but hair will still come through. Damn cats!
  3. A square furnace filter works great. Just use the metal duct tape and tape it where you want it. You can get them for under 5 bucks up to 30. Those are what I use, I do not live in a dusty area. I use them on my lights for the intake, and still they get dirty in about 3 months. At least the insides of my hoods were really clean.
  4. I always use paint screens. They are nylon type. Home depot has em. They are cheap.
  5. Automotive filters also work and come in different sizes and shapes allowing a custom fit. GL
  6. wet/dry vaccums filters---they come in 4-6 inchs dia...... so they fit perfect on end of your intake hose...

    home depot or lowes or where ever! they even have hepa filters for like 30 bucks or cheap white ones for 10 bucks
  7. orbad


    Just bought a 6" shop vacation filter and a 6" duct adapter from Lowes. $19 otd
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  8. bug.JPG
    Lawnmower air filters might be a good option to look at too.
    You can get these bug shields too online. My hydro store wanted $30 for it, lol. I just bought a square hepa replacement filter (for a home portable air filter) for $10 bucks for a 5 pack. Then just cut it to size and taped it on.
    These bug filters are much cheaper online.
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  9. Build a box and use a furnace filter. or throw down for dust shroom. They work great and they last (can be refurbished), and won't burn out your fan (0 cfm drag).
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  10. outwest

    outwest Premium Gardener Supporter

    Just added one of these to my setup.

  11. rick ratlin

    rick ratlin Perpetual Farmer Supporter

    Pantyhose work, just get the bigger size. I ran them, changed them every month. Now I run the dust shroom like green punk. No problems with either.
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