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Iranian auto Flower

Discussion in 'Auto Flower Strains' started by aireoponics, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I just purchased 10 Iranian Auto Flower beans from Dr Greenthumb. Fast shipping and great packaging, also came with planting instructions. I followed the instructions by soaking the seed for 4-8 hours in water, but then instead of placing it in a paper towel i planted it directly in soil that sat in a pot on a heat mat. A few days later to my surprise i find yesterday a small seedling starting to grow. I plan on keeping frequent updates on progress, its a autoflower strain and will vegg for 40-45 days. going to find out what light cycle to use to flower with.
  2. its starts flowering auto not to good indoors. outside start to finish in 70 days. u can not control when u poped it will finish in 70 days. in doors it does ok on the 20 hrs of light . in doors u will get about 56 gr outside about 90 to 112. peace thc joe
  3. thanks for the info nor cali farmer, i plan on growing this outdoor, but this first one will be indoors. I'm attempting to start breeding some of my own strains and i plan to stressing this to make a S2 seed to put outdoors and breed new seeds. Dr Greenthumb said to run a 18/6 light cycle indoors for best results. I would like to cross this strain with another non ruderalis strain and see what i came up with. But i plan on posting weekly updates with pics.
  4. northone-when did you put it out and when did it finish.
  5. when you clone it Dr Greenthumb recommends cutting a large clone because it will go into flower soon after you clone it, would keeping the newly cut clones in 24 light veg them like normal?

  6. lets see some pics!! :cool0044:
  7. im sold gonna grab me a pack this week.
  8. I started a Micro grow with some Ghanja Dwarfs and despite a slw start[my fault],they have taken off.Been in the Bahamas for a week but will update pics soon.They smell soooo strong I had to move them to my garage! I kinda like the way they are doing and if they top out under 3 ft I'm gonna put some outside when it warms up.
  9. what does this have to do with iranian auto flower?
  10. Just a note on an auto-flower.Don;t really know the origin of the Dwarf,but you're right.Definitely not Iranian.
  11. Yeah I got the fever Northone . I'm de going to play with this one this up and comming summer
  12. iranian

    update week 1
    today my little iranian is 7 days old, a few days ago i watered it with some mild nutrient solution perhaps to strong, i tested it later and it was around 500 ppm. so next watering i will water straight water. other than that looking good still under a 26w daylight cfl 24/0, but as soon as i can i will get a timer to cut it back to 18/6 like the doc said they like.
  13. Nice, I wondered about this one. Tuned in...
  14. 46and2

    46and2 Guest

    I had questioned Doc about these plants and his very words were If your gonna use it for a mother plant indoors you need to keep them under 24 hr light.And it makes sense even with my experience with Auto's such as Lowlifes I've found you can prolong them in a longer veg state keeping them on 24 hrs of light.
  15. Malachi

    Malachi Guest

    how long have you had the mother in veg? this seems like the perfect outdoor plant if it can in fact be kept in veg, i am not doubting you but maybe it was a chosen pheno, or are they all like that?
  16. I should be getting 4X 26w daylight cfls on it and keep it as a mother under 24 hours of light, soon i will buy a 150w metal halide, still have same plans but will use clones to produce seeds instead.
  17. If your planning on growing these outside for the summer . When does the Doc say to start them and at what time do you put them out ? I'm getting ready to order the Iss and the ISS-G-13
  18. ok so every friday i will post pics of the progress

    the first pic is the plant when it is 7 days old 2-26

    second pic is 10 days old 3-1, alot of growth. Its under 4, 26w cfls
  19. today my little Iranian is 14 days old, and already much faster than my previous seedlings. I will leave it in this small pot until next week when i will transplant it to a 1 gal.
  20. wdcf


    I am a member over at ICMAG, no one there has grown the strain yet, but I just bought this strain from the doc and was curious I heard someone say that they have a mother kept in veg under 24/0, but I emailed the doc and he told me that all plants will flower under 24/0, anyone had any experience with this?

    I have my veg chamber on 24/0 because I have not gotten around to buying a timer and I wanted to flower these bitches while vegging other strains! Looks like ill be buying another timer so I can stay safe with my plan and go 18/6 unless HOPEFULLY someone tells me otherwise...