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Iranian auto Flower

Discussion in 'Auto Flower Strains' started by aireoponics, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. yerp8


    keep me posted when you get the seeds...Ive read alot of mixed reviews reading up on Dr Greenthumb...people either seem to love him and swear by his seeds or send money and never see their orders.
  2. yerp8


    My bad... didnt mean to just come to the forum n start problems but ive read a few people gettin ripped off n am tryin to get some positive feedback from people who got their orders.. $150 or however much is alot of $$$ to waste
  3. Dr. Greenthumb was good to me. I placed a phone order, received my order about 13 days later.
  4. mal

    mal Premium Member Supporter

    the doc is cool with me

    call him and he answers, order and you will receive.
  5. Your absolutely right northone I guess I should have worded that a little differently . Didn't mean to cause any newbie harm . I been dealing with doc since 1996 I have high regard for the man . I have always got my orders and then some . I did talk with doc and he is out of G-13 ISS so he's sending Chemdog x Iranain to me which sounds better LOL ! Its all good bro :rauch08:
  6. great stuff!!
  7. LAMO, I was with you all the way up to Bart's last sentence... "so he's sending Chemdog x Iranain to me"
    Are you serious! Thanks BART, you just cost me $150.
  8. How do figure ?
  9. Cause I gotta have some of them!
  10. day 49

    I trimmed alot of fan leaves off today and sprayed for spidermites, they are still thriving under the leaves. I am waiting to clone her again but she is looking great and staying out of flowering.
  11. I should say , That's beefy looking Northone . Whats the flower to leaf ratio on her ? I have Chemdog x Iranian coming and the G-13 x iranian when they are done . The fever is starting to mount for the great outdoors once again .
  12. Nada


    damn,,, She really looks like something else
  13. CptGrnJeans

    Anyone done these under leds? This strain sounds like a no brainer for low budget grow. love to hear some led yields:rasta2:
  14. kdw1220


    I recently bought some Iranian auto flowers. I chose this strain because of the short growing season where I live. My growing season outside is from the end of May to Middle to end of August. So my plan is to start these plants inside at the end of April to beginning of May. In June the sunlight outside will be around 22 hours a day, I was wondering if you guys think I will have a problem finishing before the end of the growing season with the amount of light? I also have started two plants to see how they grow. Currently I have them in a window sill with around 12 hours of light but I am going to move them into a room under CFL lights with 24 hours of light a day. The two plants in the picture are 10 days old from germination. Also thanks for this trend, I have been really curious if these plants are as good as people claim.
  15. day 55

    I cut clones again a few days ago, almost had to she was touching the lights again. Looks stunted since i cut her back but i'm sure she will catch back up. still spraying her for spidermites, and they are still alive. the first set of clones i pulled off her (4-2) still havent rooted, so when she recovers if this set of clones still hasnt rooted i will throw them away and try again. I think its the cloning gel i used.
  16. 12 zips off of a two foot plant is insane bro !
  17. tim66


    I just received my IAF seeds, express shipping 5 days from phone order, great service no problems, germing tomorrow. Has anyone vegged clones then put them outside? On the phone the women said if I put a 4" clone outside I'd end up with a 6" plant so to veg them for awhile, so I was wondering if anyone had any result as far as age of mother plant when clone taken, to clone size when put outdoors and yield results or observations. So if I veg the plants to 5th or 6th node, top them and root top and veg for a couple weeks to 12 or so inches any idea of results? I'm a long time organic grower but this type of plant is new to me. Also I'm new to forums so I hope it's alright asking here. This is a great thread on this plant and definitely helped me to decide on trying a new seedbank and plant.

  18. What about trying these in your MPB's?
  19. How's the smell of them when growing indoors?
  20. Day 61

    Chopped alot of fan leaves off the other day to open up light to the inner nodes to clone later on, also to open up the inner leaves infested with mites. I sprayed them down with some ortho pesticide I hope it does the job, getting ready to pull some more clones off.