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Iron Chelate Dosage

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Jokefox, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Having a hard time trying to find how much iron chelate 7% to add. Im 8 weeks into flower and am using mpk so i need an iron boost. Any suggestions ? All leaves are starting to yellow hard. So i wanna do better next time.
  2. 2-5ppm do you know which it is? DTPA, EDTA, EDDHA? And what is the volume you are diluting it in?

    Also I am not providing info as a diagnoses only answering you question of how much
  3. DTPA - 2.4 grams / 10 Gal gives you approx. 5ppm
    EDDHA - 3.1 grams / 10 Gal gives you approx. 5ppm
    EDTA - 3.1 grams / 10 Gal gives you approx. 5ppm

    I would start at half that, especially if using tap water. 2.5ppm should be sufficient.

    Again only providing the requested info not diagnosing.
  4. Thats awesome. I was doing it 0.01gram per gallon. So about 1.5 grams per 35 gallon.

    I was kinda panicking because i thought i was using to much.
    I was to lazy to go look at what kind it was. But the info you gave was perfect. Cause now no matter what kind i use i got the base numbers to start from.

    Thank you so much :)
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  5. Sounds like your almost done flowering anyways
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  6. Ya. Im at week 8. I like to go 10 weeks with my current selection. This is the first time ive stepped away from shooting powder and used mpk as a flower booster. I remember reading that shooting powder adds iron because to much p locks it out. And sure as shit it definitely did. I thought i could manage without it but all my fan leaves yellowed pretty hard when i gave it a full dose of mpk. So next time ill be in alot better of a situation
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  7. Just remember its a trace element and to much will cause problems. Like I was saying tap water usually provides a decent amount and 2-3ppm is probably more than enough so cut the numbers I gave you in half. I would not go more than that personally
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  8. Heres the iron im using.

    And bubba is on the left and ohs is on the right. Then theres some mango on the far left of the tent also. Its hard to get a good pic but you can see what i mean
  9. 2 more weeks isn't that long. Do you flush your plants at all?
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  10. Iam using tap water ahd jacks 321 as a base. So ill probably stick to 2grams of iron for 35 gallons of water.

    Probably do this

    Week 5- 20 grams mpk, 1gram iron / 35gallon water.

    Week 7- 45 grams mpk 1.5 grams iron
    Week 8 - 45 grams mpk
    Week 9 - 45 grams mpk, 2 grams iron
    Week 10- 45 grams mpk

    I slowly cut out my other nutes as i come up to week 10. Then do a major flush then run just water for a week with 8 hours light. After that point they seem pretty flushed as coco doesent like to hold onto these nutrients long. I try to go for that nitrogen lacking faded look.
  11. I don't think its iron but don't take my word for it. Looks a bit like heat stress and some light burn in the middle and some transpiration issues around the outside but I really could not say. See what others have to say. You have fans in there? Don't forget its normal for the chlorophyll to start breaking down as the plant focuses more energy into the flowers and not growth
  12. Ya my hoods are cooled and i have to fans blowing in from the sides.

    The plants are the outsides are getting not as much light as they should so they arent burning threw nutes as quick. It does look alot like light stress but its not. I can tell because its the fan leaves that yellowed. All the way from botton to top and it happened pretty much over 3 days after i cranked up the mpk.
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  13. I was thinking heat stress or to much light because of the tacoing. Leaves will curl up like that to take in less light. But other things can cause that as well and I don't even wanna bring those up :) The outside area almost looks like over watering that could cause transpiration issues. But again wait for the pro's I don't want to steer ya wrong.
  14. Yeah I agree I'm not so sold on the iron either. Right on didn't see you were in Coco.
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  15. Im just tryna get every last second possible under the lights. I am a fan of less nutrients the better.

    Next cycle im gonna use iron as stated above and if it makes a difference then great if not then its something i can cut out and forget about

    But i mean house and garden does use iron in there shooting powder and that shit works hella great. Alittle too salty and expensive though.
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  16. When it comes to nutes, minerals etc. keep in mind they only help to maintain adequate amounts and or correct if there is a deficiency and excess usually leads to more severe problems than deficiencies.

    Maybe start a new thread with a more appropriate title for help on diagnoses. Once you got that beat its just a matter of correction. I personally would add nothing until I knew whats going on.
  17. I was thinking of making up a few batches and sending them in for mineral testing for that exact reason.

    Ive tried to use the calculator online to measure my npk levels but that black magic voodoo shit confuses the crap out of me.

    Also heat stress usually leaves the leafs dry and crisp and light stress makes these girls fox tail super hard. So far ive had none of that. Just an over night yellowing.
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