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Is 2x 150w Hps Lights Enough For A 3x3x6 Tent ? And If Not , What To Add ?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Nadster, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Nadster


    what up guys
    Okey so here is the deal
    The truth to be told this is my very first timw growing but i have been researching information for THE LONGEST so with that being said this is my questionS :
    I bought a 3x4x6 tent but it has a separate 1x1x6 space that split into half im guessing for germinating and seedling so that leaves me with a 3x3x6 to veg and flower .. i do have 2x 150 hps growing lights that im planning to use but i know its not enough , or i would like to convince my self its not enough lol
    So i do know that you CAN veg with hps but its not ideal and im not planning on getting any larger hos lights since my main problem is noises so i dont wanna have to install a heavy duty exhaust fan that makes crazy noises so im thinking that my best option is add some LED Lights that supposedly can veg or bloom or veg and bloom at the same time .
    I am planning on growing 2 plants , one in 5 or maybe 4 gallons bucket soil and the other one is in a 5 gallons hydroponic system .
    I do live in Southern California and to be exact in OC .. soo
    What can i do to take advantage of my 2x 150 hps lights and its heat lol plus add another light that will help me to veg since i dont really want to veg with hps and that max my yeild .
    Thank you for all the advices in advance and I am open for new ideas ... so please say something anything even share your own experience it my help me . Cheers
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  2. Just add some LEDS you can get some decent one for pretty cheap. Another 300 true watts should do it. I use a hybrid system myself. 600 Watt HPS and 1200 Watt LED ( Its uses 400 true watts) in a 10 SQ Ft space 20181208_222910_Film1.jpg 20181206_191235_Film1.jpg Screenshot_2018-12-07-07-03-20.png Screenshot_2018-12-07-06-59-00.png
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  3. Nadster


    That’s beautiful plants my man , and yea thats what i end up doing , i got me a 600 watter to add on and see how will that goes , thanks for sharing ur thoughts sir
  4. I’m no pro at all only few grows and not perfect ones but Idk about the tents seperate area. I wouldn’t trust different light schedules in there. Brand and model of tent ?
    I believe a tent can be built good enough for that but I doubt any these companies actually did it. And I would run the lights you got over the space. Hoods what type? First run doing a soil and hydro might be stressful. I’d go with 1 or the other n maybe try the other next run. Just to uncomplicate things before it’s too late. If you go soil or coco use fabric pots. Not million dollar airports just basic fabric. 4 gal is great but in my history I’ve scored 1- 5 pk and never found em again. 5 gal give you good solid root system. Can your lights bulbs be swapped to mh? If so changing 1 and running both specs will probably be to advantage. Air cooled hoods? Reflectors? And I’d use a t5 for seedlings n clones. Can’t stress enough how important the t5 is. Good light but won’t burn nothing. Perfect for babies in high humidity spray right under the lights.
  5. Nadster


    Tent is topogrow 48x36x72
    Lights are floralux mini built in reflector
  6. SinCity



    do you HAVE to use a tent?
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  7. I’ll look up the lights but I know topogrow stuff don’t depend on a light seal between those spaces. I’m pretty sure with a good canopy those lights are all you need to flower that. Getting rid of heat to get plants closer be good. Like cool tube hoods with reflectors but they cost couple dollars.
    Nets help training. I’m trying first net run n love how easy it is compared to tying n training. I just blew the net up 4 plants 1 sq each. About your space just different shape. Me personally I’d take the wall out. Just for more air. Don’t press using the space. It might fill on its own. If possible get a seperate tent to veg.
    And Another good investment is one of those $50 humidity dome kits with the light mat n all. That can be put anywhere to start seeds or clones. I keep mine just sitting on a shelf
  8. Yes those lights will work. It doesn’t say if bulbs can be swapped to mh. Did you get the flange option? You’re talking about noisy fans. No matter what 1 extractor fan is neccessary. I’d get 6 inch fan n make it do both jobs. they’re not that noisy anymore. Exchange your air for fresh and pull all the heat off those lights at the same time. Without extraction your box probably be about 120 degrees.
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  10. Hey bud go on amazon and look for an in-line fan. They are cheap. Not overly noisy. You need at least a little 4 inch. A decent fan is prob most important bit of gear. Also your 150 s will be minty. When your new to growing it doesn’t pay to blast tons and tons of light. Worry about the environment and practicing getting to know the plant. You could easily get 100 grams per 150. I could see you pulling a quarter lb off a couple plants regardless of adding more lights or not. Just my 2 cents