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Is Everything Cool

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Siphubudyo24, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Hey can anyome help me out my leaves are curling down and everything turning purplish

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  2. Grown from seed... Also these are super cropped and topped no nutrients under 600 watt hps 3 feet from the plants with 2 100 watt led 6-8 inches from the plants. I mix molasis with thier water and some orange and banana peel but thats about all. Humidity mostyly between 40-58. Im actually going a lil low on temps i keep them around 65-78 F° night go as low as 45 degrees and their light schedule is 19/5

  3. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    Temp stress, 45 is way too cold. Also the drastic change in temp of more than 10 degrees very quickly can shock them. I have been having to leave my lights on 24 hours a day because its so cold.
  4. Ive also heard the same thing mcSkunk, i wana say ive also heard that a 20° difference will straight kill off the plant ,im sure its okay to have your temps drop maybe once a week but not on the constant
    Keep us posted
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  5. iKharon


    37* here.. too much snow, but at least we got ice hockey in town lol. Exercise weekend mornings :)
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  6. Around 50 degrees soil biology goes dormant. Leave the lights on 24/7.
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  7. Way too cold. My last 2 weeks of flower don't even get that cold (on purpose). Also check your ph. If temps weren't an issue, I'd say oh is/was the issue.
  8. Wolfe


    I would say to invest in some kind of heat supplement(safe heater) in company with ventilation if need be while the light's are off. I use an Ac with a heater. You could also save them with new growth by transplanting into some super soil. I would make sure that when you transplant your plants they are not infested with bugs or mold. Use microscope if need be and clean if infested of pests and mold. There are plenty of products out there that take the guess work out if you want soil that already has balanced ph and nutrients. I won't mention their names out of respect for this site but in my opinion it may be wise to work with one to get your plants a little healthier. Plus it will make it easier. You just add water no bottled nutes. I would suggest asking your local grow shop about products like this. Again, this is my opinion. I've grown in -40 climates indoors without a problem.
  9. I also might add having them in one pot isnt a good idea. The roots will compete for space
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