is fresh frozen ok for BHO?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by caregiverken, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. caregiverken

    caregiverken forever farming

    I looked a little couldn't find much about this...

    Spose to be dry?

    i have a bunch of fresh frozen trim I was gonna make bubble with.

    can I make BHO with it instead?
  2. stickyfing3rs

    stickyfing3rs Well-Known Farmer

    You'll get all kinds of chlorophyll and any liquids still in your trim. The dryer the better in my experience
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  3. ogplatinum

    ogplatinum Well-Known Farmer

    Truth. Not super dry, IMO super super dry material is going to contribute to a darker oil because of the ease of the chlorophyll breaking down VS some nicely FRESHLY DRIED AND CURED material.

    IMO best material is freshly DRIED and CURED buds, no freezing or anything. Dry and cure it like you would anything else you smoke, then run that shit! ;)
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  4. caregiverken

    caregiverken forever farming

    Right on. Thanks you guys...I'll save the frozen stuff for bubble.
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  5. caregiverken

    caregiverken forever farming

    I froze all my trim alreadyo_O

    I guess I will have to use these greasy Harlequin buds for oil then. :rolleyes:


    gonna need a bigger grinder...

    How much do I need to break it up?
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  6. Graywolf

    Graywolf Well-Known Farmer

    Frozen fresh trim makes a delightful BHO extraction. Freeze the butane too, and check out thermos techniques.
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  7. caregiverken

    caregiverken forever farming

    Thanks GrayWolf
    I just looked it up and read about like ISO extraction only with Butane..
  8. bigcheese510

    bigcheese510 Well-Known Farmer

    and dont grind the material to fine. break it down to the consistency needed to roll a joint.
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  9. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    Yup, just careful if you tube it cause icy chunks can build up and cause messy blowout (thought my gear was immune, but finally learned the hard way). If you vacuum out the air before freezing this can be avoided, and break it up better than I did (the frozen chunks). For dry, the less you break it up the better it will be, although a little lower yield with non-reclaim equipment. I like the extract textures from dry material too, but fresh and freshfrozen are super flavorful.

    Bet that harlequin will be awesome too. You should make little samples of them all to find your favorites. I have a small 3-4g tube just for this purpose, easy purge and cleanup with qtys so small, so in a couple hours you can have a smorgasbord.
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  10. caregiverken

    caregiverken forever farming

    cool, good to know. thanks Bro

    Thanks for the reply CereBro. i dont want a blow out :confused:

    I love your Avatar!
  11. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    GW, how long do you steep in the thermos? And where do you get those micron screens for straining?
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  12. KennyPowers

    KennyPowers Well-Known Farmer

    when im gonna run a tube i usually let the bud sit out n get a lil drier than normal, dry enough so that i can crumble lightly by hand but not so dry its turning to powder. when i have used a grinder (or ninja) i get too much BS in my goo, so i dry crumble over a piece of paper and dump that down the tube. nice golden wax 30min later. :D
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  13. Graywolf

    Graywolf Well-Known Farmer

    When I do fresh frozen BHO, I make sure there is no moisture on the surface to ice over the trichomes and then cut it up in rough ~1/4" chuncks. I stuff those in the thermos and after freezing the butane and thermos to -18C/32F, I add the butane and soak the first time for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how pristine I am trying to keep it. I pick up the remainder with a second soak after freezing again. I've never run it over a couple of hours total, but perhaps Jump can regale us with some of his longer soak experiences in the great frozen north country.

    I pour through a Chenoise strainer purchased from Roses Restaurant Supply and a simple commercial coffee filter from the same place, for the first fast filtration.

    If I need it prettier than that, I redissolve it in ethanol and after freezing the solution to -18C/0F, I filter it using a #1 Watmann vacuum filter (~17 micron), followed by a 0.2 micron syringe filter, which takes out everything, down through bacterial size. Those come off E-bay, or from American Scientific.
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  14. El Cerebro

    El Cerebro Well-Known Farmer

    For this you mean after pouring off the liquid butane for evap, right? Do you cap the vessel/thermos for re-freezing? Potential pressure to make a bomb if allowed to warm back up?

    Just trying to work through best safety practices for this method. Fair warning for newbies, this step is where kitchen explosions can happen to the in-initiated or dimwits among us (neither are positions to be in while doing solvent extractions). GW, thx for again sharing your tech so freely, as always..
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  15. Graywolf

    Graywolf Well-Known Farmer

    Yes, pour the first soak off for evaporation and let the thermos sit open until the butane has evaporated from the plant material, before sticking back in the freezer.
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  16. vaporedout

    vaporedout Well-Known Farmer

    uhhh ohh ken and BHO..... im gonna have to try some of you CBD BHO.... damn gonna be good
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  17. joshadelph

    joshadelph Farmer

    Moisture leads to auto-buddering. I have a ton of research on the subject before anyone goes and starts to naysay. So if you want stable "shatter" oil that will not change on you do not blast until it is as dry as possible.
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  18. true grit

    true grit Moderator Staff Member

    I'd have to still stick with strain difference not moisture etc...ran shit ton of different trims, same process etc, and it still breaks down to trim quality like i was trying to point out in 7:10 thread. still believe its density and oxidation rates

    also on the topic, i dry/cure all trim properly then it goes in the freezer til processing. Its the same process as making quality bubble hash folks just with a different chemical process/solvent.
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  19. Graywolf

    Graywolf Well-Known Farmer

    Looks like I made a typo in the above post, which should say -18C/0F. Sorry, a moment of insanity!

    Thanks to Jump for noticing and pointing it out!
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