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Is It Fair To Say That, Every Branch Reduces Cola Size?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Shawnery, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. When I grew this time I was really hoping to have some coke can Cola's but have come up short. They're not tiny but I've seen so much better. It's only my second grow but I've seen monsters from a first timer.

    On to the point of the post.

    Are the size of your Cola's directly relatable to the amount of branches on the plant?

    Even more so are the size of individual Cola's impacted by the number of branches on the individual stem of said cola?

    Obviously there are many factors that decide on the over all size and outcome of the bud but let's just take everything else as a given in this equation.

    Here's one of my Gelato girls in the middle of the 8th week of flowering.
  2. I think about it as the less budding node sites correlates to bud size, to a point..
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  3. NHWhites


    There are ‘sucker’ branches that reduce the energy a plant can give the main colas. It’s also genetics
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  4. U reakly believe the sucker branch theory? It jus dont make sense to me. If i cut off my 4 fingers my thumb dont grow bigger
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  5. heisen


    Not at all,any branch in the light will be nice,given main branches will always be a little bigger but overall everything that is in full light should be big,I always aim for the screen with whatever branches I have.
    Genetics play a big role,LIGHT and spectrum,and a good feed schedule.plants can be under fed under weak ass lights and be ok.put something powerful over them they will go deficient over night.
    Light should match the amount of nutes and envirnment must be dialed in.humidity and air quality.
    It's the little things that add up to make a whole.
    Some phenos just wont produce squat.
    Your plants look pretty healthy.
    Find a good producing plant that u like and keep it.take clones and hold onto it.finding keeper moms is what I love about this the most.everything else is icing on the cake
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  6. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    How does that compare? If you cut your index finger from the knuckle you will not have 2 fingers either, plants and humans are not the same.
  7. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

  8. I think genetics plays a big part ive had a 8 ounce bud dry before with over 20 onces on the whole plant the plant was trained sog usually the main bud goes biggest
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  9. That arricle is a good read but doesnt exactly tall abljt what we are talking about. That article, atleast from what i understood. Was more about topping and supercropping. It was talking ablut the growth hormones being delivered and redistributed after cutting or prunong the dominant branch. Correct me if i am wrong tho
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  10. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    I think what he,s asking is "if theres a plant thats been given say 4 weeks veg and topped say 3 times will the colas b smaller than the main cola on an untopped plant given the same variabled be bigger?"
    The answer is yes.the untopped plant will have a much denser cola but the topped plant will likely yeild a bit better.
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  11. Joedoe


    The buds that are the tallest (main cola) your plant sends more auxins to the highest point of a plant. Remember the sole purpose of the plants genetics is to reproduce. The higher up on the bud is the more likely it is to catch pollen
    That's why scroging is so popular because you make all your buds around the same height therefore the plant sends it's auxins equally to each bud in its best attempt to reproduce. We have found many ways to "trick" the plant to think otherwise using many different techniques that allow us to harvest more than that one big cola verses many big cola's. Read up on plant auxins and how they play a vital role in the plants metabolism from different parts or areas of the plant
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  12. Joedoe


    This is the kind of bud you can grow outdoors, not indoors!
  13. Joedoe


    I was just responding about auxins and I saw the post with this attachment. Couldn't really explain it like this article does. Good read. Few understand the real metabolism of the way a plant responds to the lateral growth and the hormone that go to the highest points. Wish I saw this before I responded, explains it very well.
  14. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Its simply blocking auxins thats all. Imagine a river with a fork... If you dam up one side all of it goes down the other path. Now the false part is that its going to make a HUGE yield increase(a gpw is a gpw) BUT!!! when done correctly it leaves you with pretty much all colas and harvests and trimming is a breeze.
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  15. G gnome

    G gnome

    Im G gnome and i endorse this message
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  16. The simplest way to think about this would be to take a two plants without topping. Grow one of them naturally without any pruning at all and the other remove every branch.

    Comparing two identical strains in identical conditions I would assume that the pruned one would grow a much bigger cola than the other. I think when you start adding another variable like topping to the situation it just muddies the water.

    Thanks by the way for all the great answers. It's one thing to start to think you're getting it but it's another to have real understanding. I bet most growers, myself included, have no idea what auxins were or how to manipulate them even though most of us are doing that exact thing.
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  17. lots of ways to skin a cat.... my 2 cents....
    most of the training ppl are doing is to optimize use of thier light.. topping scrogging fanny'n supercroping.....etc watever.

    manipulating apical dominance and the number of tops is going to effect the size of ur buds
    but even more so the ol' basics.... roots..rh..temps...nutes...lights etc...

    i agree its a very good question.
    if all conditions wer perfect. all buds same height .. 12 vs 24 tops. overall trimmed weight... wait wat about quality.... and the wat abouts go on n on

    perfection hmmmmm..... guess we'll never know.
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  18. heisen


    It's all about light footprint.everything with a direct exposure will be about the same.the main branches will somewhat bigger but much.i always try and use main branch tops first in the scrog and cut all the little secondary branches.
    But a side branch with better light exposure will grow fatter and bigger than the Christmas tree main line if it has stronger light.
    Topping and training is all about getting the maximum best possible footprint on as many tops as possible.nothing else.
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  19. IMG_1807.jpg
  20. That's a dumb are not a plant.if we cut off your head and dip it in rooting powder and stick your neck in Rockwood it won't grow roots,so there's that :facepalm:
    Single cola plants do normally make bigger colas ime,but my yields go up when I have 30plus tops.
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