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Is This Normal

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Erick31876, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Im growing a strain of seeds called gobstopper. I love the way the plant grows, it grew very bushy and fast from a seedling. It is in soil/ pearlite, with a little coco mixed it. In 7 gallon smart pot.
    Nutrients are megacrop, and greenleaf nutrients pk booster, calmag plus.
    Lights are 600watt hps, qnd a 600watt illumatek power harvest led.
    Ph is set to 6.3-6.7
    This thing has been growing great since it was a seedling. It just started week 5 of flower, my question is about the way i tht s buds look. They dont look like the normal bids im used to seeing. They are getting taller, but not getting any wider. I never grew or seen yhis strain before. I would think at week 5 they would have started to put some weight on by now. Hopefully someone can chime in and give me some advice
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  2. They'll get much fatter I think. Not that I should know being inexperienced as I am but I've been there(particularly on my last successful grow). The plants might just be lazy growers where all flowering time is needed to bulk up.
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  3. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    I had a harvest stretch like that before. I accidentally set my light timer for 16 hours of light.
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  4. Did they fill out, or just keep growing like that and stay skinny
  5. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    No, they did not fill out. At week 5 just stick it out. I ended up chucking the buds off the stems and made hash out of all of it. My situation was a complete loss.
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  6. Is this a hybrid? If so, its leaves look sativa dominant. It may be a longering flowering strain (if sativa dominant) so really, you could still have 5 weeks or more to flower. Also, cut back on nitrogen. Just give it time, I’m sure she’ll fatten up for you.
  7. That sucks, i was hoping they would. I thought I had a winner with this one by the way it was growing in veg, and by the way it stretched and the smell of it. I also took a bunch of clones and made a mother from it. It sucks to be me
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  8. Don’t jump to conclusions so soon. Like I said, I could be a longer flowering strain. I wouldn’t worry. Keep your clones!
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  9. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Don’t give up, like serphine said you could have a longer flowering strain.
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  10. I dont know. I got the beans off of ebay from a guy who user name was phat panda farms . But he got banned. I contacted them directly to try to get more of them, but got no reply, so i doubt thats who he was actually with. I thought it looked kind of sativa dominant, so hopefully its just a long flowerer
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  11. Ill keep them. Like i said i really like the way it grew up until the buds started growing. Hopefully it is a long flowering strain
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  12. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Genetics are very important man, get your stuff from a reputable and trustworthy breeder or seedbank next time. I hope they fatten up at the end.
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  13. I learned that the hard way. All other seeds i got are from reputable seed banks.
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  14. I was going to say that. Your probably not half way done flowering them yet.
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  15. I sure hope not. Thanks bro
  16. Just a little update. I think everyone was right thT it is a slow flowering strain. It is slowly packing on weight as well as a little more height. It just grew past the maximum height i can move my light to, it has about another 3 or 4 inches before it hits my ceiling. I will take more pics when the lights are off
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  17. Sorry I missed this. I see it already started stacking. :)

    Many of my favorite plants grow like this. Sativa leaning hybrids look like they have stretched out the nodes too much for the first few weeks then the little buds start connecting into huge long buds.

    The diesel and Thai hybrids I grow do this. The buds will likely be a bit looser than tight little indica golf balls but can be very potent like sour diesel as an example.
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  18. Wow! Looks good!
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  19. Thanks, they do feel kind of loose. They definitely don't look like the indica round golf balls. They are definitely slowly getting bigger. The paper i had written the fate i flipped to flower got ruined, but i think it has at minimum 3 weeks left
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  20. I started cutting the gobstopper plant down tonight. This thing grew like a Bush. It got tangled up in my other plants. It put a lot of weight on. This picture is justone of the tops .ill finish untangling it and finish chopping it down tomorrow after work.
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