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Jacks Hydro Vs Grow More Mendocino Producer: Opinions And So Many Choices

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Burned Haze, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. If I’m going to use ethier of these for coco DTW, what brand do you guys think is more consistent and has a better line even thou I could be using same npk or adjusted bag. For flower and Vegs

    When I talked to grow more and told them I used jacks 5-11-26, they suggested 20-20-20 in veg, then beginning flower switch to 5-50-17 , then mid way in flower switch 0-50-30

    I see so many people using 5-11-26 like it’s the Bible line and use it till the end, should I follow their suggestion and add a few things with it to make it complete or the one bag method?

    Please explain what soluble version your talking about and what brand so their isn’t any miscommunication in the thread.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  2. ^ except the problem with the “cannabis “ branded “ or liquid versions of fertilizers or really just dilluated and overpriced and Want fancy branded names/bottles. Nothing impressive with your brands you listed lol

    * I think I can handle $50-150 bucks for stated above brands vs $500-1000 expensive cannabis per season and not have to lug stupid liquid around too

    Let’s keep on topic eh....
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  3. Anyone? The post above was a reply to a user who replied on here. But they must of deleted their reply :(

    Would love any input or suggestions!