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kind seed company?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by crazycanuckster, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. has anyone used the kind seed company? How was your experience? they have an office in vancouver canada and london england.....thanks in advance
  2. They took forever to send my order. But, I did recieve it. No free beans and I spent about $300 I also ordered from "Attitude" they shipped super fast lots of free beans and prices a little cheaper then Kind seed Co.
  3. Never done business with them but I heard good things about Legend Seeds thats also in Vancouver. I can vouche for Hemp Depot in Ontario. ( great service)
  4. thanks brer....

    Ill check them out, thanks for your 2 cents.....cheers
  5. now they've got a london office there much quicker. seeds come in breeder packs too.:boogie:
  6. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

  7. Im working on it and on my way to ten now. Lots of nice pictures here. I hope to be adding to them soon.
  8. there very expensive for what you get, theres some great genetics here
  9. I sent them over 300 $ and they never sent me a thing.
    They would not even answer my emails.
    They are a rip.
    stick with the bay.
  10. I have a buddy that loves them, but they are really expensive IMO.
  11. coxnox


    i can't believe that...they are helpfull as possible and answer in less time than most seedbank does.

    about the price, yes european seeds are fucking expensive to them, but you will pay the same price in any canadian seedseller.
    i only use them for canadian breeder.