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kushie kush by advanced nutes

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by tophmaster, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. BC_Bud

    BC_Bud Premium Member Supporter

    Sure, I understand the marketing side of it all... all the Cali Med Clubs have been doing the Kush this Kush that marketing thing for a long time, and for a reason, the Cali Kushes are some of the best herbs out there period, but what if their plan is to sell this apparently supreme 1-part nutrient for a reduced price? Couldn't this be the reason for the sale restrictions to med patients and co-ops only? It's just my positive side thinking. I also wonder how concentrated it is, if they will follow the 2m/L standard dose for the "ppm-ph perfect" line of nutes.
  2. boxmunch9

    boxmunch9 Guest

    i think they missed the boat on kushes, seems to me that cali is getting tired of the kush because so much kush is around, good and bad.
  3. D9420


    LMAO whats next Chemy Chem 2- part fertilizer
  4. haha yeah gotta go to the club to get my chemy chem my kushie kush and my hazy haze. i dont know they know kush is huge in cali and worldwide. i mean i love the kush no doubt. if it was discounted and somehow did work great for kush it would be amazing but just doesnt seem like thats what AN is tryin to do
  5. D9420


    the Hazy Haze sounds good LOL
    sounds like there just trying to cash in to me!!
    i have used many different nutes and it seems to me that as long as your feeding it the major and micro nurients. a little Cal-mag and Epsom salt. it dont matter what line of nutes they are or how cheap they are i have the same results if used there used correctly.
  6. Its absolutely Shameful( and horribly bad karma) if this is truly JUST a ploy to get $$$$ from medical patients!!!!!!!! I don't wanna believe it, but I certainly won't be surprised if thats all it is.............Highly unlikely it turns out to be an honerable product......AN what will they think of next?????
  7. kill-9

    kill-9 Guest

    Ive never used AN, but after this, never will. Kushie Kush? Sounds like some kid shit.
  8. TCVG

    TCVG Guest

    lol... with a name like Kushie Kush... I expect to see a commercial with the Care Bares all red-eyed and jump'n around with the shit....
  9. Kalcu


    Cali isn't that sick of Kush, they sure don't flood my jar. I know two people in my City getting mail order bud, one I wanted some from. I gave this dude a lot of my time and money, places to stay, food, tickets, mostly my aggravation. Barely even wanted to put some hash on the pipe he did smoke with me. I had to almost twist his arm, because he was so 'Irie'. I was seriously thinking about grabbing what tiny bit was left and walking out of the door. He had more hash than pot, but he had a nice jar of herb. Mostly some crap diesel, it got me stoned, really stupidly high but man the cure was not there. It's funny how bubble hash that makes it east, doesn't bubble. I was so pissed, I myspaced this old hommie. I said I wanted my share, something like $200 worth. I just wanted some love, I have been through so much crap with no help from him. Oh ya his criminal free record is sooo stressful. I said that the cops knew everything that was going on, but didn't tell him I never dropped a dime. He was so tweaked the last time I saw him, same with his bud. They drove by like Ghost, it would of been funny but this dude was cool as hell YEARS ago.
  10. wtf................
  11. kalc wtf are you talking about hahah r u higH???

    Guys lets just all agree that AN is trying to take advantage of a situation which since the dawn of seed sells has been raped... F* 75 bones for some seeds, I can buy enough poppy seeds online to start a farm of heroin for some of the seed prices...

    AN is a whore but still they've got some good stuff, ie hammerhead, until i notice the pH and TDS of the in bottle liquid go down (ie waterd down) I will stik with this one

    jelly mans thoughts
  12. It's obvious to me that we can all know the worth of a product before it hits shelves.

    After all, the only reason we haven't all won the lottery is because we refuse to use our prophetic powers for self-gain, right?

    Everything I've tried from Advanced Nutrients has really impressed me. I think I'll wait to decide if Kushie Kush is any good until someone out there has actually TRIED it.

    Some of my favorite books have ridiculous covers...
  13. new kushie kush info

    k well i was flippin through the june issue of west coast cannabis and i come along a page with a big kushie kush purple thing with the AN symbol on the side and the npk reading 1-7-17 like they would put on the bottle. i actually found this a few weeks ago and wanted to put it up but was oil faced and put it off and just now remembered i should type this shit up since i cant find it on the net. the title of the article is

    Finally a strain-specific bloom booster That makes your kush plants yield larger, More potent buds
    In california's medical marijuana community, kush is the canna king. And now the most successful kush growers are using a kush specific bloom booster to satisfy patient demand for premium grown kush meds.

    "I get incredible prices for my kush" explains David R., a grandmaster humbolt county medical marijuana cultivator who only grows kush. "i am getting more from my grow room using this kush booster that makes more harvest weight and medical potency."

    To understand how this kush specific flower enhancer produces bigger buds, recall that major varieties of medical marijuana produce different medical effects by creating unique ratios and types of compounds.

    These valuable compounds include THC, cannabidiol, aromatics, terenoids, essential oils and resins that individually and together have a wide range of therapeutic effects.

    So how does kush bloom booster work? by feeding the specific kush metobolic pathways that processes that produce larger, more potent kush buds.

    What makes your kush tick & how can you give your harvest value a kick?
    Hydroponic experts at advanced nutrients saw that kush is a must have for the medical community, so company co founder Michael "big mike" straumietis asked his plant scientists to immediately find out what makes kush tick and what fires up its flower making machinery.

    First scientists gathered a vast array of seeds and clones of the most popular kush sub-varieties and grew them in test labs.

    Everyday they took plant tissue samples to discover how nutrient inputs and other supplementation affects kush yeild, potency, taste and aroma.

    The good news is that advanced scientists learned the precise combonations of phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, co factors, metabolic triggers and other substances that feed kush exactly what it needs so far to exceeds its genetic potential.

    Using Kushie Kush, you get gooey, glistening, resin dripping, weighty, tight, dense, sticky kush buds.

    Get the advantages of kush specific ingredients
    One thing to notice is while that kush growers have spent many years and dollars using other bloom products, never before has anyone given kush cultivators a bloom booster to specifically pumps more value. yeild and potency into there beloved kush buds.

    And you bet you will feel your medical problems very quickly recede when you've inhaled your tasty bowl of custom-fed kush medicine.

    Please take a moment right to enjoy the fact that feeding kushie kush to your crops heralds an unprecedented new era in crop supplements with you weilding grandmaster control over the most intimate, flower stroking mechanisms your kush plants have deep inside them.

    Better yet your guaranteed at least 17.73% increase in bud weight, you'll be glad you used Kushie Kush to unleash your kush plants full genetic potential.

    Please note that kushie kush is a medical cannabis specific formula only availiable to medical marijuana dispensaries. If your dispensary doesnt carry it, please ask them to contact Advanced Nutrients' and get some for you right away.
    page 29 june 2009 west coast cannabis

    k so reading and typing that alot of parts really pissed me off abouth this ad and company and how they carry themselves and things. but i gotta say i still wonder how well it does. even though they didnt really tell us why it works cuz they want the cash and not us smart growers coming up with ways to get there own formula basically like theirs or organic styles with the same thing that your kush plants will love. i dont know wish i could see it used side by side or something just seems like a pile of shit so far.
  14. knowbuddy thats true some things dont look they way they are this stuff really could work but it just seems to me like they are trying to get money out of med patients while trying to look like they are helping us out by getting us more quality kush meds only time will tell i guess which side is true at this point i am a non believer
  15. Okay don't shoot the messenger here, I came across this a couple of days ago. I don't go to this place and have no experience nor do i use Advanced Nutes either so i really have no opinion so take it as it is .

    ADVANCED NUTRIENTS available @ LA Wonderland. Comparable Prices. Items available ARE:
    Hello WT community.

    LA Wonderland would like to proudly announce that we are stocking our shelves with ADVANCED NUTRIENTS. These top of the line nutrients are available at a very affordable & comparable price to your local hydro shop. Items available are:

    Connoisseur 1L Part A - $40
    Connoisseur 1L Part B - $40
    B-52 Fertilizer Booster 1L - $45
    Jump Start 1L - $22
    Overdrive 1L - $40
    Big Bud Liquid 1L - $43
    Scorpion Juice 1L - $58
    Voodoo Juice 500ml - $61
    SensiBloom 1L Part A - $16
    SensiBloom 1L Part B - $16
    SensiGrow 1L Part A - $16
    SensiGrow 1L Part B - $16
    Sensizym 1L - $37
    Juicy Roots 2oz - $17

    We here at LA Wonderland are trying to provide the best possible service for all patients on "this side of the hill." We hope to be your ONE STOP SHOP for all your CLONES, NUTRIENTS, & GROWING TIPS.

    LA Wonderland Caregivers (LAWC) 4410 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca.
    Phone: (323) 936-4410
    Fax: (888) 569-3565
    Hours: 12p to 9p

    Once again i have no experience with both dispensary and nutrients, I came across this info on weedtracker and decided since this was in the conversation i would post this, Though i believe that if this company stated other than medical use they would be breaking the law and would be subject to Rico statutes as well as other legal problems.
  16. because the product is marketed toward marijuana the regulatory agency will only allow it to be sold to paitents. it probably has more cal-mag in it.
  17. Why is it that whenever someone says something bad about AN a trial user posts that they love AN and always get great results? This product is great marketing if it works, but come on, So Cal loves kush (well, most of us do, but especially the Socal med community), so create a product that's targeted at a hotbed of activity in the MMJ community. I'm sure a bloom booster with "Purple" in the name will soon follow to target the Northern Cali medical market (I expect compensation ;)).

    If you don't work for AN, my apologies, but if you do, it seems really dishonest to promote your products like this, and it makes me less likely to want to try them.
  18. Purple Maxx

    Have you ever heard of Humboldt County's Own Purple Maxx? There ya go...

  19. Haha, touche! I assumed it was going to be another AN product but I guess someone else beat them to it :) I expect they will probably have something soon along those lines, too.
  20. haha i am livin it so tru darook