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Led Help Please!!!

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by GratefulOkie, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. I have a Photonmax 600w LED spotlight. Full spectrum model. Trying to figure out a safe height to mount this beast. It is huge and throws light harder than the 1000w HPS I have. This light is a comercial grow light and I am worried about the intensity of it. This beast put me was stupid Expensive! I am new to growing and am doing my homework before I start my build. Wanted to get all good equipment and set it up right. Any guidance is greatly appriciated. Please see pics . View attachment 826643 View attachment 826644 View attachment 826643 View attachment 826644
    Screenshot_20180831-185228_Hancom Office Editor.jpg
    Screenshot_20180831-185215_Hancom Office Editor.jpg
    Screenshot_20180831-185158_Hancom Office Editor.jpg
  2. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    18-24 inched above canopy. See how she does, if she stretches , lower 2 “, the par values show that ideal height would be 18-24, at 24” it shows that it covers roughly 4’ wide area.
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  3. NGA


    Yip high ceilings or short plants
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  4. Thank you for the reply. That's honestly where I was gonna start, but this light is soooo intense. Way more intense than my brand new 1000w hps made by Maxlite also. Just crazy. I have been in a few different grow rooms but this is so much more I tense than anything I have personally seen. Thank you, just seeking any advice...
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  5. Yeah I know. I have 12 ft to work with though and am gonna sheet the walls with stainless steel sheeting. Epoxy paint on the floor.
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  6. looks like 30 inches from the top of plants is the sweet spot,fuck that thing is huge ,better wear some shades
  7. Yeah. Way bigger than I expected and heavier. Plugged her in and POW instant blindness! Lol. So you say 30 inches. My bro says the same. I'm gonna start there and hope they dont try to stretch, but I dont really think I ha e anything to worry about there. I think it's about keeping my eyes on my leaves and canopy more than anything. Ty very much.
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  8. So final verdict, 36 to 39 inches away with this one. Just wanted to not be one of those that abandoned a thread. Lol. But yeah that's the sweet spot. FYI
  9. Hey fellow Okie! Dope light.
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  10. Thanks. That's not Billy Schwab is it??? From Edmond?
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  11. Here are some pics of the girls. Gonna switch to flower this weekend... wish me luck!!!
  12. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Jeezus Christ. What would propel you to buy such a thing? I bet that thing can burn holes through sheet metal.
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  13. Newb. 100%. Wanted to try LED and when I got it, well let's just say it is alot bigger in person than I expected. Lol. Got a nice Co2 setup I'm going to run with my next build. Maybe the girls will be able to take advantage of more light next run. Overkill for sure for my first grow setup. Lol. Building another setup that is more suitable for this light next run.
  14. Cool looking light
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  15. Thanks FutureGrower. I like it but for the price I could have gotten one of those linear systems. Crazy expensive but I am a fan of the single chip LED
  16. Those are beautiful..Hope you will do some defoliation..they are soooo bushy!
    Good growing!
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  17. Yes, daily I take 5 or 6 of the older fam leaves. I screwed up and trimmed too many while making the manifolds and that costed me two extra weeks for them to recover and actually start growing good again. So I am careful with how many I remove at once now. For the most part about 10 max but normally 6 or 8 leaves. Every one I clip has two baby leaves waving at me. So much growth. Crazy. Almost ready to flower I think. Hope. Lol.
    Thanks for replying man.
  18. Who ever heard of a tornado this late in the year. Wow. Fingers crossed we don't loose electricity. Wow. Lol. Crazy weather in oklahoma right now....
  19. Stay safe man
  20. Thanks you... More worried about my plants. Electricity just went out. WTF.