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Lemon Cake

Discussion in 'Cannabis Photography' started by rockinlespaul, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. 30 days in. 30 to go. This will drop your ass guaranteed. Hope you like the pics.

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  2. Love that dude. Would love to try his strain too one day. Hopin I can find him Calio. Thanks for sharing. Peace GS
  3. Definitely liking the looks of that girl; and sounds super tasty. Welcome to the Farm.
  4. Thanks AF, just wait....its only just beginning. Hehehe....
  5. Yup the lemon cake is some wicked strong medicine mine is at 51 days flower im gonnas run her to at least 60-65 days .
  6. Looking real nice bro...

    Can't wait to flip mine.
  7. Lemon cake sounds like it would make some yummy eddibles. :)

    Nice pictures!
  8. sounds amazing and looks it too,what is lemon cake? surprised i never heard of it considering the strain hunting and hoarding i do!
  9. swisscheese

    swisscheese Guest

    I have a grow log on here that has a detailed breakdown of lemon cake's genetics it's a pretty detailed post and there's lots of info available via google too.
  10. Just got done rockin the lemon cake......Theres 3 phenos one is a slh dom. the other is the "lemon cake" pheno which is the slh structure with added terps/flavors from the kush used in the cross. Then there the straight kush pheno which is a lemony but more piney kind stringent kush, small compact super frosted nugs.......awesome strain will be keeping a spot in the garden for a little while