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Living Organic Soil - Water Only Inputs

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Organikz, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. I'm taking a step back and starting fresh. I wanted to share what I've been working on. I wanted to also display a water only grow utilizing living organic soil. IMG_20180718_091713_235.jpg IMG_20180822_133326_534.jpg
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  2. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    What strains? They look exceptionaly yummy:cool:
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  3. Starting from the top down:
    [71 Kandahar x 76 Thai Stick] x [85 Humboldt Roadkill Skunk]

    [Mr Greengenes 79 Maui Wowie Cherry Bomb]

    [71 Kandahar x 76 Thai Stick] x [The Black/NL5Haze]
  4. DismalDude

    DismalDude Moderator Staff Member

    Love it! Those girls look amazing!
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  5. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    WOWIE!!! Bad ass!
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  6. 20180902_131149.jpg
  7. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    I’m on the hunt for the original Maui wowie and I’m struggling.
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  8. Swami Organic Seed has a stash.
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  9. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

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  10. That does look amazing. Does the TOx85RKS have a lot of smell?

    I am going to be running some of swamis gear in organic soil for my winter grow. One of which is the TOX85RKS (also the Blue Orca Haze and Purple Zebra X Punto Rojo). Super excited.
  11. The TOxRKS hits hard behind the eyes. With that gear you should run an entire pack. I'm sure you will find something beast in a pack I. I found some incredible stuff and some weak stuff in the pack but it's an f1. BOH is always a sure thing so it's better to run if you're looking for a stock up run vs a hunt.
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  12. I hear you and I am not doing a hunt as I only get in one indoor grow and one outdoor a year. I am going to have to at least try a couple of those beans. They wont be any good to me for an outdoor grow as I have a short growing season up here in Maine, need fast-finishers. Maybe luck will be on my side and I'll get a good one. It's all I can hope for. I'll be putting up pictures of the grow when I get started, probably a month or so away.
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  13. These girls have had a bit of a rough start. I had some heat issues but I'm getting it dialed back in though. Next run I'm doing direct sowing of the seeds to speed up the veg process. Hoping I will have plenty of G13/HP x NL5Haze frijoles.

    NL5Haze pollen (hope that moisture doesnt ruin it)

    U-Dub x Cascadian Frost [Swami Organic Seed] 20180904_122234.jpg 20180904_122228.jpg

    Mazar/Guererro F2 [Swami Organic Seed] 20180904_122217.jpg

    G13xHP[DeadPanHead] 20180904_122222.jpg
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  14. I dig the set up. Are you using any legumes and/or green manure as part of your system.
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  15. I pretty much just mulch whatever isn't bud back into the soil post harvest. The clover was causing fungus gnat issues so I have stuck with dead mulch vs live mulch.
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  16. Interesting, not sure why clover would be the cause of fungus gnats, but those suckers are annoying; best to avoid the posibility. Do you do any ammending of your soil other than fresh organic inputs?
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  17. Madmax


    Great thread bud.your babies are pick8ng up .thet are going to b pretty thick in couple weeks..soon as i seen that pollen i googled straight away lol where to get..not sure what that moisture will do.but youd th8nk it would ruin it if the pollen sacks arnt dry hey
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  18. @Smoking Gun
    I had issues in the beginning but the soil was fresh so that could have been the problem. Might try the clover again. I do have some alfalfa in there.

    The pollen sacks have been dried. The moisture came about from the freezer. We will see if it takes. Let's hope so.
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  19. Well I'll be damned, organiks is back. Welcome back. How are the swami side of things going? Business decent? I mean everyone is after an older gem.

    Maui wowie x Hawaiian from nirvana seeds(I know their rep isn't the best) I know a guy that has a couple bomb ass phenos that lean both ways from Extremely euphoric on one, very hazy on the other as far as highs go. He went threw a few packs to get them, but honestly they are pretty cheap.
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  20. Ina


    Most of the times it stops working from the moisture unfortunately:/I store it in paper and dry it really,really well(also it is only the pollen this time without the sacks),last time I put it between silica bags and still don't know if it is working,i can't try it now,we will see....I don't know why,i guess i'm not doing something right but when I put in the fridge it always stops?!
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