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Looking For A New Light (mh)

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by tinderthumbs, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. so im looking for a new veg light can spend 400$ not sure on what I want to get I got a 400watt apol
    also I don't want any thing more then 600w unless its super powerful open to all types of lights
  2. 315lec
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  3. these LEC 315 seem to work great for veg. the last one I bought was 450. I got the ones with the flower bulb and its awesome for veg. I can just imagine how good the one with the veg bulb is. Also t5 makes a mix of bulbs for veg they tell about them here these are the t5 style the bulbs are 28 to 33 bucks ea at the grow store. Good Luck
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  4. yah I love mine for flower but where I live the store wants 650
  5. Buy a ceramic science 315 kit from growershouse with a cheap sunsystems wing reflector and socket and you have a GREAT 315 for under 300 with the bulb.
  6. 315 ftmfw!

    Just changed up my entire veg and flower set up to all 315cmh.

    Most of us all run philips agro 930 bulbs and Philips cdm elite 940 bulbs and prism ballasts.