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Looking for farm help/trimmer

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by Johnny427, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know a growers looking for workers? I really would like to experience the farm life...
  2. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    We always do, but I know none who would take on someone who's only made one post on a forum. It takes some time to build trust and become known within a community.
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  3. i'll take you on - you work for free? do you like shovels? :)
  4. So it begins...thank you Seamaiden
  5. Honestly I'm not working right now at all...but yeah why not I'm up for it Solidarity.
  6. Amber


    It is prime digging time.
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  7. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Oh yeah, before the ground hardens up!
  8. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    What state?
  9. Any state
  10. PButter

    PButter RUN!!! Supporter

    So if I was wanting to go help a grow, and I didn't have my current obligations, and a few other things... I would grab my backpack, and hit the West coast looking for work around a farm. The absolute worst that can happen is that you die. And that is a certainty everywhere so get out and be happy while you do it. Just don't bring your dog...

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  11. I have no dog, no kids, no job, No obligations nothing to hold me back...
  12. That is a special kind of freedom. Don't waste it.
  13. I lad, I've been on sales floor end of the op... it's time for a change..
  14. So what's the score? Where do we go from here? What's next? @We Solidarity
  15. Why you think its a bad idea?.. I spent year's in the u.s. marine corp.
    Went of the reservation...
  16. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Johnny, here is my 100% best advice for you. Start posting. Show people your character, develop relationships. Once that happens, you may find what you seek.

    In the meantime, please understand that many, if not most or all growers who grow to the scale where they need help tend to be extremely cautious, EXTREMELY. Not a few of us have been robbed. Not a few of us have been popped by police. So, you must expect us as a group to be extremely cautious, even though this union of states now has two sister-states that have fully legalized cannabis and 14 or 15 that accept its use medicinally.

    Expect this to take years (becoming trusted enough for someone from the internet to say yeah, let's meet, and move on from there to ask you to work for them). I'm not saying it's impossible, just that it's less likely to find yourself as part of a trimming crew when people hardly know you.
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  17. PButter

    PButter RUN!!! Supporter

    But.... I do hear that mexico will bring down quite a bit of outdoor this year.
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  18. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    I a hoping its a good one but we are not supposed to have rains this year. Suerte JK
    Why work for someone,hell trimming your own bud is a bitch. I could not imagine going thru that much stress for 200 a day. JK
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  19. lex0415


    Johnny, if you have so much time on your hands, why not just start growing yourself?? Depending on where you are located, you can start growing outdoors right now.
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  20. Medusa

    Medusa Trichome Engineer Supporter

    I could use a pool boy said u were a marine? Send pic LOL