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Looking For New Nutrient Line To Try Out

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Thecalikid, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. I'm looking to try a new full lineup of nutrients any suggestions are appreciated and will be looked into excessively.
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  2. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I recently switched from House and Garden to Veg&Bloom and I couldn't be happier. Saving a ton of money, extremely easy to use and the results are just as good if not better.
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  3. A couple a grows back I switched from Biobizz to Biocanna, it literally doubled my yields. Canna boost is the best product in their line. My ultimate best additive is Soil Balance Pro, it triples the amount of roots, they stay super healthy, and my yield has increased substantially... Not to mention the plants are SUUUUPER frosty.
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  4. Im running 3 different lines right now as a experimental run. Mills, advanced and emerald al similar if you ask me so far. Im on week 4 flower right now so ill really see in the next couple weeks
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  5. This is the amount of frost you can achieve with Canna Boost and Soil Balance Pro.... Just insane....
  6. Lol beast yooo, frosty as hell

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  7. newh


    how do you do the soil balance pro?I whip mine up in a 5 gallon bucket with a paint mixer
  8. newh


    the boost works good but its kinda pricey,I never use over 5 ml a gallon
  9. newh


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  10. I usually add it to my compost tea mix after it's brewed for 24-48 hours. Let it mix for 5-10 minutes with an airstone. Seems to be working great.
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  11. Madmax


    So canna can b used in dirt bud.
  12. Yes, Canna Terra and Biocanna lines are designed for use with soil meadiums.
    Canna has seperate nutrient lines for Coco and Hydro as well, those are not suitable for soil grows.
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  13. Madmax


    Cool..ive got around 2 weeks to decide what im going to feed my girls before start flowering outdoors..i have aloe and kelp ferment.em-1 i want to use as foliar spray right till end the aloe has cal-mag etc.i want to use something different to just hardware store liquid fertiliser that i normally use...i do have professors nutrients that says its for soil but i think they mean coco.

    Are you in Oz dude..
  14. I always throw my hat in the ring to back the jacks brand of products.

    Guess it doesn't say what medium, jacks for coco/hydro. If soil, organic amendments and maybe some of the stuff from dragonfly if they need a boost or teas/ferments if i am not being lazy.
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  15. Unit541


    I'm still rockin jacks too... Spent like $120 back in 2013 and I'm only about half-way through.
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  16. beautiful can you send me exactly what youre using
  17. I got a nectar for the gods sample kit. It's expensive as hell, but it is truly awesome! I probably won't buy it because of the price but I gotta admit, it's some good shit. Plants are super healthy, and doing WAY BETTER than my plants getting fox farm nutes.
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  18. Soil:
    - Guanokalong complete mix (if you can't find this, add worm casting and bat guano to peat)
    - 30% perlite

    - Soil Balance Pro, 0.4g/10l (every 19 days)

    In flowering I run:
    - Biocanna Flores
    - Canna Boost, not bio version (start using from week 3)
    - Soil Balance pro, 0.7g/10l wk 1-5 // 1.2g/10l last weeks of flowering (feed once in 10 days)
    - Epsom salts (day 1, week 3)
    - Worm castings tea (I give it every 2 weeks,)
    - Molasses, 5ml/l throughtout flowering, 15ml/l in first week of flush

    Blue spectrum seems to be really important for THC production in the last two week of flowering. I haven't tried UVB, but that should help out a ton.

    Check out my thread for more details on my current setup.
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  19. I've used some food grade nutes like mini minerals, mother Earth minerals... cannabis needs full balanced minerals(up to 70+ ) to get full...Coco cana capitalize on not knowing Coco to soil to soiless, yes they did do diligence on Coco, but there are much better nutes for that...
  20. Cannabis needs no more special nutes than any other plant...just give proper and right nutes at right time...