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M.O.B. (mother of berry) HEARD OF THIS?

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by sativaXindica, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Hey all, I've been smoking some M.O.B. (mother of berry) that a friend of mine grows. He has had the cut for over 12 years, but I can't find any information on this strain. I know it has something to do with JERRY BERRY genetics. Has anyone heard of this strain or know any history on it?

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  2. Guess all of your are lost as well? Maybe someone with knowledge will come across this?

  3. mother of berry

    I have heard of this strain and smoked different phenotypes for a long time. I suspect some have been imatations but I hope what I have now is indeed mob. I have heard it refered to as cherry or cherry bomb. I have only heard those in the last couple weeks. This is my first time growing the strain and I hope it has all the purple and fruity qualities that I have found in the past from what I knew as mother of berry. So far its verry sweet smelling, 4 weeks into flower. Always grow organic
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  4. Hey buddy, Nice post about M.O.B. It's pretty funny that you responded to this is. It makes me think maybe its somewhat local to the area since I live close to you. Very close.

    Looking forward to chatting in the future.

    PEACE sativaXindica
  5. Bump.

    Still very interested in the MOB.

    Best Regards

  6. I dont know too much about it other than it was developed up in the north country (Maine) and flowers in 49 days. Unbelievably quick.
  7. lol mob

    mob i think its a fancy tm name for good old maine bud but a friend in the know says portland area around 10- 15 years ago but i know people are growing in every ware around southern/ mid maine
  8. Nice. I got ton of cuts now of MOB. Put a 4 ft tall plant into flower a week ago and already have nearly pinky size buds. Insane!
  9. Whats up every1 im also all your neighbor i just got some m.o.b the other day they called it mother of all berries and he also said it was known as money ova bitchs cuz the flowering tyme was i need in
  10. I think they crossed an IndicaXSativa hybrid with the third species of cannabis known as ruderailis, that's why it's short height and fast growing season. Ruderalis is useless by itself but when cross with an indica it becomes a short fast potent auto flowering producer.
  11. No ruderalis in MOB, its around in clone only as I have smoked and hunted for it going on 2 seasons and finally got a cutting and am going to use colloidal silver to make me some seeds.
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  12. NewBudz


  13. I'm from the Franklin County area of Maine and I've been hearing about MOB for the last 3 years and smoking it for the last 2 grow seasons and have hunted and hunted for info on it and have yet to find out anything concrete...though this year I did obtain a cutting and am going to use "budresearchs" 2 part "Silver Thiosulfate Crystals" to make some seeds. Here is the link for those of you interested.
  14. mob is the shit i love it and it has legendary status in my area. if u get a cut of that hold on to it for dear has the nicest smell, soooo stinky that it smells like baby poop almost ya kno. the nugs are real chunky with huge bracts, pretty much jus red n green but there nice shades. i wish i could get that strain
  15. ive been growing m.o.b for about a year now. a buddy who was living in maine brought me a cut of it. told me it was from the portland area and the guy he got it from had it for 12yrs. i dont know much about its genetic back ground but would love to find out. she grows like a 100% indica short, close nodes, fat dark green leaves. im a sativa lover and the mob is my only indica . she can defently be taken down at 49days with really big tastey buds but i let her go to 56-60 days and she gets huge dark blueish super frosty buds that reek of rotten very fruity very sweet bluberry juice. ive smked a bunch of blueberry in my day and the mob is stronger and way more blueberry tasting.
  16. maine is where the genetics im talkin bout came from too i bet its the same shit
  17. most likely. it defintley has a baby poop smell too. do you know anything about its genetic back ground. its becomeing quite populer around here in michigan now.
  18. whereever it goes it BLOWS UP quick its been in ri for at least 5 years now. i kno sum1 who used to get it direct from the dudue in maine or 1 of them. the guy also grew the most LEGIT sour diesel ive ever smoked, so maybe they bread it up there with sum diesel but i dunno cuz its known as bein fast ya kno....def suttin i would love to get my hands on, i would love to trade my early pearl for sum, that would be killer, i heard through the grapevine that in the beginning of the summer there were clones of the mob in my area but the kid wanted a arm and a leg for em(between 50 and 200 depending on who u r)
  19. Well the seed making with the Col. Silver didn't go to well but on the other hand I still ended up with 3 mother plants and have already done a real nice run of the MOB and now can run it when ever I care to have the whole room reek of berries.
  20. My cousin has been growing the MOB for years,she lives very near bristol maine/pemaquid point area,she told me their cut came from a lobstermen in damariscotta.