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Make your own Grow Tent Cheap!!

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by sunsimulator, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone ,, i want to show you grow tent guys a cheap way to build your own customized grow rooms !
    It is very easy .. And if u pay attention to you size of room per size of wood ,, you will not have to cut lumber .. or You won;t have to cut much ,,

    I built a 6 ft tall 8 ft wide x 12 ft long room ,
    All you have to di is get 2x2 's for frame ,, and 1 12 foot 2x4 .. Panda plastic ,, tent zipper ,, some ceiling hooks ,,
    Corner brackets ,, and 3 sheets of any type of plywood for the floor ,

    I think i got around 175 bux in the room if that !

    here are some pics so you guys and gals get a idea.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Malachi

    Malachi Guest

    I saw a 20 x 10 secret jardin online for 4G. Do people really buy these things?
  3. i just bought a 76x76x76 hydro-tent for $185 shipping and all brand new... sticking two 600 watters in their on a 4x6 drip system ebb and flow baby!
  4. Malachi

    Malachi Guest

    A drip system ebb and flow? What is that?
  5. Mosca Negra

    Mosca Negra Breeder Supporter

    Clever Project Sun! Looks Solid!!

  6. Nicely done...have to say I'm surprised it's rigid enough being built from 2 x 2's.

    Can you post a pics and some details on the entrance door?
  7. Oregonic

    Oregonic Guest

    Thanks sun, very nice! I need to find a couple more patients to justify a room like that but every time I walk into the garage I see a huge wasted space that would house this perfect!

    Is the zipper light tight?

    Thanks for the thread man, love me some DIY!
  8. thanks everyone ,, this is super easy to do ,, and super cheap , the biggest cost of this room was Panda plastic ,, were paying pretty much 100 bux a roll.. high prices in the grow shops !!!

    the tent door is done with zipper ,, i use tent zippers ,,
    sometimes u may have to put a small strip of plastic just hanging down over the zipper to block out light ,, only thing i do not like about zippers ,, but i like zippers way more than Velcro,,

    the 2x 2 are great for this cheap easy to handle ,, easy to cut with no power if ya trying to be quiet! lol ,the 2 x 4 holds the weight ,, and the rafters are 2 x 2 attached to the 2 x 4 for extra support ,, the 2 x 2 are just holding the plastic ,, no need for a 2 x 4 when it is just plastic ,, ,, these rooms are super easy to build ,, super cheap ,, fast and easy to take down ,,

    all ya do is make top and bottom same size ,, screwed together with corner brackets .then u just do walls how ever tall u want them and bam wrap with plastic ,, and staple it to 2 x 2 and cover with black duct tape !
    i'll get ya some more pics i got them on camera .
  9. :confused0054:

    beautiful clean set up:lock:
  10. Oregonic

    Oregonic Guest

    I saw a step by step on building a similair room I think it was a vid by Jorge, found it on google a while back but same concept and looked way easy!
    build bottom frame then top frame on top then attach sides and slide top up and secure kinda thing.

  11. nice tent bro!!! i might have to use this as a blueprint!!! lol...
  12. Aligee


    real sweet build !!!!
  13. very nice sunsim! i just built a 4.5 x 4.5 x 7 tent with 2x 4z,b&w poly, staple gun and duct tape. I used velcro for the door though (i should have got a zipper :( lol)
  14. well, well. looks good!
  15. I was just considering a grow tent for my garage, however this is much better and cheaper.
  16. Fred

    Fred Premium Member Supporter

    Very nice Sun! I expected it would be nice and you delivered my friend! Thumbs up!

    REGISTRD Guest

    sweet build man... Very Nice job on the Wrapping of the panda... Have to admit and im sure youll agree that was probably the hardest part of it all making it all tight and look nice... We built one a while back for a temp. veg room and Ya OMG i remember doing it over and over till it was perfectly TIght... I have severe ocd so im sure you can imagine the pain and frustration...
    I like to see it constructed out of the trusty home depot 2x2's fuking 1$ a piece i luv it!
  18. ThaKid


    Good shit, that tent looks clean broski!!!

  19. lol i got a lil bit of OCD myself ,, on top of being Capricorn ,( perfectionist ) Some shit drives me crazy !
    Im a flooring guy by trade ,, So i stretch carpet and other materials ,, i understand how to make things tight ,, it's just a certain way u do it to get it tight .

    Anyone that needs help on getting the panda tight hollar ,, It is a certain way to pull things certain way to start off ,, and the the rest is easy .

    Kid Thanks bro ,, this was the tent i was talking to u about back in the day ,,, i tried like hell to convert ya my man!! lol.
  20. Now the room is done ,, the plants love their new home !
    these hookers are going nutz!!

    In about 3 weeks or so ,, we have went from this [​IMG]

    Now they look like this in i think 3.5 weeks or so !
    the pics are of the room ,, just takes 2 pics now to get the whole room ,,First pic is left of door ,, 2nd is right of door
    left side

    right side[​IMG]

    Just different pics here
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]