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Making Ejuice With Hash?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Pipes & Other Smoking Tools' started by DrinkBeer, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone tried making eJuice using Hash (NOT "Hash oil" or "BHO")? If so how did you do it please? Did you heat up and use herbal mix?

    I want to smoke it in my JuJu pen or e Cigarette which are designed for all types of concentrates.

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  2. If your mixing it and putting it in kind of pen I would take the hash and do a lipid wash with everclear or you will almost certainly run into problems with smokeability and messing up your cartridges. As for how to thin it out I found terpenes mixes from a company called Denver terpenes work great and they have strain specific mixs so you won't not be thinning it out but you'll be preserving the quality weed taste. Hope this helps
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  3. Hash, etoh, iso will all gum up the coils. I've only found bho to not gum up the coils. Also everything else will seperate in a week or so, bho will not.
  4. Oh I meant just washing your hash to take away the excess plant matter. Heat everclear to 100 degrees and crumble your hash into it. Stir it till it is thoroughly mixed then put it in the freezer. After 12-48 hours you will see fats and wax congealed together floating around. Take a few glasses I use beer pint glasses and use a rubberbands to secure coffee filters to the tops then pour you cold mix into the tops till it's all in there. Put them back in the freezer for 10-15 mins. The liquid should all be in the glass and your rash will be atop the filter. Take the filters off I don't squeeze them because they often break and your back to square one. Heat a pot with water to 170 degrees and put a Pyrex dish on it. Pour your mixture into the dish till the everclear evaporates. Then scrape it up with a razor. This will dramatically clean up your base product and make it work more effectively for your purposes. Then put your new concentrate in a little glass receptacle like a shot glass and add the Denver terpenes mix to it one drop at a time till it becomes the consistency you are going for. I have done this same method with lbs of shitty hash oil that might as well have been hash. It dramatically cleaned it and the terpenes kept the bus flavor when I filled hella cartridges that I used with the same batteries that dabtek uses. The cartridges and batteries can be found on dhgate and come out like this.
  5. Also I had no problems with separation even after a month using the terpenes. I started out using coconut oil the processed kind that is in liquid form. And that study that points to health problems from inhaling lipids only refers to fats from animals not plants so its safe
  6. Easy use a dripper and pull the cotton out. Put it directly on the coils. Best way I have found for concentrates with a ecig. It's like hitting a nail. Temp control and Ti wire.
  7. Two.Bears


    I vape it through the day for pain.

    Here is how i make mine

    1 gram kief
    18 ml Vegetable glycerin
    12 ml Propylene Glycol.

    But on heat and bring the temp to 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave if at Temperature for two hours and NO MORE.

    remove from heat and allow to cool. After cooling to room temp filter through part of a cone coffee filter and enjoy.
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  8. This really did work, thank you!

    I used regular street hash mixed with pg and vg, proceeded to reheat it lightly and let it cool down a few more times after the initial 2 hour heat period to cool then left it for a day. Once I used a filter the juice was incredibly smokable and didn't clog up my coil. I was surprised how high I got and how smooth the smoke was.

  9. RooR5mm


    I use this stuff called herbal suspensions for wax. My buddy makes bubble so I am going to see how it works with that. I can give it a whirl with dry sift and see how it turns out. The sifter hasn’t gotten much love lately, concentrate pens are so convenient.